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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Yeah.” He replied. “Why? What about your transfer? I though UI asked you to come and re sume from where you stopped in America. What about Stephanie?” Serena asked. “l have deferred the transfer even befOre UI accepted. I will bounce this summer’s resumption as a result of the deferral, then by next summer, I will resume as a third year.” Jak “Oh! So what about Steph?” e explained “Stephanie can go to hell for all I care. She is not what you call a friend merely dated her to spite you and make you sad, but that crazy friend of your shook you out of it” Jake explained. Serena couldn’t help butsmile at the way Jake described Taiwo “l knew who she was exactly when she agreed to be my girl to spite you cos as a friend, she shouldn’t have agreed. “Hey! Its all in the past, am over it” Serena cuts in politely “Yeah… That’s true. So what do you say about us meeting before I leave, please don’t deny me. I might not visit Nigeria anytime soon, say five to ten years cos Dad and Mum would be joining me permernently after mum’s retirement next winter.” He explained pleadingly. “I’ll call you later, a m in a cab.” “Okay. ‘THIRTY MINUTES LATER INSIDE TAIWO’S ROOM. “Are you saying the stone hearted boy said all of these?” Taiwo asked as she applied a light make up on her face. “Am telling you. He wants us to meet like anything.” Serena replied “Hi e girl That’s what am saying. Guys should fall and not you the other way round. Now he can return to America with the thought of you pulling his plane off air.” Taiwo said.fiv “Where are you going?” Serena asked once Taiwo was all set. “Obi asked me to come a nd see him in his school. I guess he wants to take me to the zoo. And now that you are here, we should go together.” She explained. “Dressed like this?” Serena asked “You rock girl. We are checking out animals and not men. I bet you don gorilla r t want a drooling, “l don’t mind ” The two girls bursted into laughter as they walked out of the room.Inside Mr Oluwole Thomas living room was seated Collins Thomas, Jane Thomas Olukolade and other members of the family, cousins to be precise. don’t know why “l it is a must that I take back Anita. Collins, give me reasons.” Oluwole said “l am a victim of following the multitude and speaking in the family’s language and voice. I personally made sure Anita’s divorce was sped up, thanks to the brilliance of our dear brother’s brilliance, but after taking some things into consideration, meeting with the family elders, I felt we should give the woman one last chance. Afterall, she is one of us. For over thirty years now that I have known her. For over twenty five year s that she has been married to you. We don’t know what the twenty five years has been all about, but I doubt if there had been any disagreement between you two. Even if there was, we the extended family didn’t know of it. You managed it well and made it a inhouse thing until it got settled. But what happened four months ago during the Family’s annual thanksgiving where Anita refused to be a part of it, despite the fact that she wasn’t the one who cooked or did anything. her presence in honouring her inJust law, she couldn’t offer. And this marked the begining of the problems which you couldn’t contain this time, and divorce had to occur. The family felt Anita made a mistake and got her priorities wrong, hence our decision to ensure that she returns, but n ow we wish to take back those words. I was in Ondo last night and Baba Ajani said he would no longer stand behind Anita, Mama Londoner said the same. The only person singing a different song is Pa Patrick. Oluwole cuts in angrily. “l don’t care if someone is singing a new song or whatever. You all claim that this family rests on three pillars, Baba Ajani, Mama Londoner and Uncle Patrick. If Patrick says he won’t follow the path everyone else is following, how is that my problem?” Oluwole replied. Everyone in the room exchanged suprised looks. “Don’t be suprised.” Wole said “We should be. You caught us off guard.” Collins replied. “Maybe you’ll be suprised too if you found out that Anita is cheating.” He added. “Well, am not suprised, but waitr she cheated before our divorce or after?” Oluwole asked calmly. ” Both.’ Dave rose up from his desk and approached his girlfriend who had her back turned on him. He touched her shoulder lightly. “What’s the matter?” He asked. “Nothing’ She sobbed. Far from being sati sfied, Dave held her hand and dragged her to one of the two empty chairs in front of his desk. He sat her down while he leaned on his desk in front of her. “Now, talk to daddy.” He said tickling her. An act of his that always made her laugh and today was not an exception as she managed a smile. “There is no problem dear. Even if there is, it is nothing you should know as [ can handle it.” She replied wiping her tears. “Violation of rule 1. Do not hide anything from your partner. Bola, you have to tell me w hatever is bothering you. I agree with you that you can handle it and my asking to know what the problem is is not to help you solve it, but to share your pains. Whatever is capable of making my love cry had better locate me and make me cry too.” Dave pour ed out as he held her hands in his. “Dave, no. Its nothing you should know. Its personal.” She replied “l thought we are one. If that is the case, then nothing is personal. Any personal thing should be known and open to the both of us.” Dave said “We are not one yet Until the court proclaims us as husband and wife, we are not one.” To say Dave was shocked was an understatement. Even though he knew the truth that lie in what Bolaji said, but the time she said it and the mood made it seem like his world, hi s love life just came crashing. He was still in the euphoria of shock when Bolaji’s phone suddenly rang. And before she could pick it up from the table beside Dave where he phone was, he had picked it before her. And boldly staring back at him was an unres gistered number he would recognise even in his sleep. His mother’s. “Have it.” He gave it to her. Bolaji fearfully collected the phone, her heart turned between two options. Either she picked the call and converse openly with Mrs Thomas which would only gi ve Dave an inkling of what was going on or she reject the call and arouse Dave’s suspicion which was almost the same thing as the former. Without thinking twice, she grabbed her handbag. ‘I l have to go.” And with this, she sped out of the office. Dave was not only suprised at the sudden reaction from his girlfriend, he was shocked to know that his mother still converses with his girlfriend. Instantly, his anger started brewing. He wanted to go after Bolaji and treat her some senses, but realising that the lady in question was not Serena, he angrily grabbed his phone and dialled his mother’s number immediately.

To Be Continued…

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