Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 51


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The air inside Doctor Jane Olukunle r s office was hot and stuffy as her friend, Anita Thomas placed her phone close to her ear trying to make a call. “Bolaji is a very stubborn girl, but forget it. She dare not tell Dave about what she found. She would not only be breaking Dave, she would be breaking herself, because the fàmily she wished to join sooner or later would be broken as a result of her loose d mouth.” Jane explained to a half listening Anita who by now had dropped her phone on the table after making fifteen trials at calling Bolaji, all which proved abortive. “And I know Bolaji is a wise girl. She is just angry at the moment. By the time she c omes around, she will reason with us and bottle the secret She added “l hope so o.” Anita replied. The vibrating sound the phone made turned the attention of the two women back to the phone. “Is she the one?” Jane asked. “No, its Dave.” Anita answered. Sil ence befell the room as the only sound that could be heard was from the ticking clock. The phone started ringing again. “Pick it.” Jane said. Anita reluctantly picked up her phone and pressed the answer button and subsequently put the phone on speaker. “He llo mum.” Dave’s authoritative voice came on. “Hello dear, how are you?” “Am fine and I hope you are good too.” He replied. “We thank God.” Anxiety was very obvious in her voice, because from all indication, it was obvious that Dave has something to say. A nd with the recent happenings, one could not but conclude that he knew about it all already “Mum” He called subtly. “Yes dear?” Anita replied attentively. “Do you know anybody who goes by the name, Bolaji Aromokun?” He asked. Anita gave Jane a Iknewit look and Jane’s face fell in disappointment. “Yes, I know her.” Anita replied. “What’s the relationship between you two? How did you know her?” “Well, she works with my friend, Jane. She works in Oluks hospital and orthopedics. And I know virtually all the staffs.” Anita explained. “Is that why you are threatening her? Is that why she is afraid to pick your calls? Is that why she has been crying? Why not sack her from working in the hospital, you’ve done it to previous staffs?” Dave poured out “But, I thoug ht she is related to Doctor Jane. And she is watching as her niece is being threatened by you?” Confident that Dave had no idea of what was going on, Anita took the bold approach. “Am I the one you are talking to like that? Dave! Are you with your senses a “l refuse to answer, but permit me to say. If I later get to know that what Bolaji is hiding from me has something to do with you and l, I swear; I will never forgive you or her, Goodday.” The phone line went dead t “Thank God.” Jane said once her friend asked. “Finding BolajiL” Jane replied. “Leave that to me” Jane said assuringly. Anita took a deep breathe. “But am scared.” The day couldn Collins and Jane r t have been any better. The latest revelation from the duo of has been a source of disturbance for Mr Oluwole Thomas. “How could Anita could have cheated?” He asked himself for the upteenth time as he turned on his bed. He has locked himself in for the past twentyfour hours and as it stands, he doesn’t look like some one who would be coming out soon. Even his children, the duo of Serena and Dave have been worried, because it was unlike their father to be locked indoor without saying a thing to anybody. “Maybe he is dead.” Were the exact words that involuntarily came ou t of Serena even before she could control her reflexes and the fact that human beings go through stages of wild and dangerous thoughts. In the real sense, Dave has been thinking in the same direction, but he kept waving it off as impossible, but hearing Se rena talking about the possibility of it, made him swing in action. The two of them quickly ran to their father’s room early in the morning and after knocking fruitlessly with no success and the silence that met their knocks, Serena was begining to see her self as an orphan, Dave was thinking of how to break the door in and at the same time thinking about his life without his major mentor and role model in it. He pictured himself as the CEO of his father’s company and the head of the family his father left b ehind, he could not but conclude that he wasn’t ready for such commitment Normalcy was restored when they heard their father’s phone ring and he subsequently picked the call. “But, who is the man who had the guts to sleep with my wife while I was still mar ried to her and even after the divorce?” He asked himself as he stood up and walked over to his wardrobe. “Things must change this minute.” He said to himself as he dialled his cousin, Barrister Olu Thomas who also doubles as his lawyer. After making fruit less trials, he dropped his phone in disappointment and returned to his former position. “Maybe he is in court.” He thought befOre the strong hands of sleep swept him away. After the ugly incident that took place the previous day between their parents, the house has been in a great turmoil for the family in general, but the children suffered a greater part of it. Aside having late dinner which didnrt involve any of their parents, Tawakalit who was the apple of her father’s eyes didn’t get to know more about the courtroom or laugh at her father’s awkward experiences in court. Juliet, the eldest daughter of the family who was much more closer to their mother as well as Angela, the baby of the family had a fair share of their mother’s anger as she screamed at t hem even before they stepped into her room. The only person who had no problem with their parent’s attitude was Habibatr the third daughter of the family. She was the reserved kind of girl who could kill if dusturbed while solving mathematical questions. ” Mathematics don turn her into something else” Were Tawakalit words anytime Habibat’s behaviours was the topic being discussed. “Dad, you have a call.” Tawakalit, the young undergraduate of Law at the University of Ibadan said as she ran into her father’s study.

To Be Continued…

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