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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Who is it? Tell whoever it is I am busy.” Barrister Clu replied. “Its Big daddy. Serena’s dad.” Tawakalit replied. “pick it and tell him am busy or switch off the phone” He instructed a Dad I rt. “Yes dear?” Barrister Olu replied. “He is your brothe r.” She said. “l know. And when I don’t want to talk to anyone, there will be no special treat for brothers. ” The young lady stared at her father longly. “Maybe this is the right time to ask questions.” She thought as she switched off her father’s phone a nd sat down. “Dad, I want to talk to you.” She said. “Sweetheart, as you can see. I am very busy. Can’t it wait?” Her father replied. “No, its can’t.” “Okay. Go on.” Talk about having a favourite amindst ones children, Tawakalit remains her father’s favour ite daughter, partly because she was his carbon copy and largely because she took after him in everything, including profession. “l saw your fight with mum yesterday…” She was saying when her father cut her short “If its about your mother, then am not t about it alking “No dad. Its not about mum.” She replied. “Then its about what?'” He asked. “You said you have a son somewhere Is it true?” The last twenty four hours has been a taumultous one for Pa James who had assumed the role of a planner and an advi ser to his troubled friend, Pa PatrickAfter the revelation by Pa Patrick that he once had an affair with his younger brother’ s(Oluwole) wife(Anita) Pa James has been devising means to ensure that the truth comes out. Being a practicing and devout christ ian, he (James) knew that bottling up the revelation he heard as a secret would be a stain his wonderful spiritual life. And also, as a christian who knew the law, he knew that going to the other family members and telling them what Pa Patrick told him wo uld be a sin on his part “what do you suggest we do now?” Pa Patrick asked. “l sincerly don’t know, but I think coming out clean is the only way out. Afterall, the affair only started and ended twenty five years ago.” Pa James explained. “Forget the casti gation, you deserve it. Believe me. You know I say things just the way they are. Even if people wants to stone you, they should, you deserve it, because you allowed your insensitivity to overcome you senses and you slept with your brother’s wife. Be it as it may, you are at fault.” James added. “They are not married then.” Pa Patrick replied. “The fact that they are not not married then doesn’t ustify your act, does it? No: Pa James said. “l didn’t know they were lovers then”

aanaFLASHBACK: FEBRUARY 18 1 A blue coloured Volkswagen drove into the compound of an uncompleted duplex which had labourers working on the construction, a younger Patrick Thomas stepped out of the car with an aura of importance and pride as he approached the labourers workin g on the site. “Good afternoon sir.” They greeted in unison. “Good afternnon.’h Patrick replied. ‘[Is my brother around?” He asked sir. He went out” The men replied. “No “Okay. Keep up with the work. As soon as he returns, let him know I was here. Am sure you all know who I am.” Patrick said as he turned to take his leave which was when he sighted a young girl of around twenty two sitting in a secluded corner of the compound with a sad look. At mere sight, Patrick could tell the tribe and region she belong ed to and it has always been his dream to have an affair with girls from the region. “Hello, young lady. What are you doing here?” He asked. “Am waiting for my boyfriend.” A young Anita replied. “Your boyfriend?” Patrick asked to be sure and the lady nodde d. “Well, its not bad.” “What are you doing here? Are you the owner of this building?” Anita, the sharp eagle eyed girl who had special likeness for big and rich men. And Patrick as a man who knew what he was looking for and his chances quickly replied wi th a yes. “This is one of my houses. I am building this for two of my cousins. One will live upstairs and the other will live downstairs.” “Wow! You must be very rich o.” Anita said. “And you are very beautiful too.” Patrick complimented. Anita smiled shyl y. “And I won’t mind taking you out and spending on you.” He added. “If you are ready, I am ready too.” Anita replied “What about your boyfriend?” “He can wait.” PRESENT DAY “That was how I first met Anita. Assuming I knew she is Wale’s woman, I woul dn’t have made any advances.” Pa Patrick said to his friend. “And when did this relationship of yours stop?” Pa James asked. FLASHBACK JUNE 1988 A younger Patrick Thomas sat on the bed in his regularly used room at the Premier hotel Mokola, Ibadan when a knock sounded on the door. Knowing it could either be the room service or his brother’s wife to be, Anita, as he wasn’t expecting any visitor because he had to return home from America in a hurry to cover his tracks. “Come in.” He said, And moments late r, a younger Anita stpped into the room gently. “Good afternoon sir.” She greeted. He frowned his face as his insides produced fire. “Anita, why?” He asked. “Why did you do this to me? You knew quite alright that I am a Thomas and you couldn’t tell me of y our position with my brother.’ “Its not my fault as I only assumed you knew already.” Anita replied. “Whatever. All I want is that this should be the last time we would be seeing. That’s five thousand naira on the table, pick it an leave.” “Five thousand naira without doing anything?” Anita asked. “Not even for the last time?
“Okay then.” Patrick Thomas smiled.

To Be Continued…

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