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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

You are very funny. And because of that, I will feed you.” And not minding the fact that they were in public, Ani ta fed Olu with two spoons of rice and laughter erupted after the drama. aaBACK TO PRESENTaa “that was how we met and exchanged contact.” Barrister Olu said to a suprised Tawakalit who was amazed by her father’s flirting skills. “So, what else happened?” She asked “You are still young to know what else happened, but a year later, a month before Anita’s wedding with Wole, she came back to me crying that she was pregnant” Barrister Olu explained, “Tell me about it. How you handled it and why you didn’t take responsibility.” “First of all, keeping the Thomas family together made me step aside, coupled with the fact that Anita was an object of fun then and also because I just met your mum then OAFLASHBACK: OCTOBER 198800 Olu Thomas recieved his callup letter to the largest law firm in the south west. The firm which was owned by the popular Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Aare Afe Babalola was a breeding environment for young and upcoming lawyers with good grades. And Olu Thomas who had three years ago graduated as the best Law student in the university of Ibadan with first class honours proceeded to the London Legal college where he was also the best extension(foriegner)graduand. His call up to serve at the Afe Babalola chamber was of no suprise, because initially, he had submitted his application to three law firms, Aare Afe Babalola owned chamber, Gani Fawehinmi owned legal chamber and the Falana owned chamber. And with his appointment he had to relocate to Ekiti state. He was done packing when a knock sounded on his door. “Come in, the door is not locked.” He said as he lifted his bag and dropped it on the centre table. “l said I am pregnant.” She repeated. “How did it happen?” He asked. “Is Wole aware of this?” “How can wole be aware when he has been away for two months. You are the one I slept with consecutively during the period. Olu, am pregnant for you.” Anita cried as she sat on the floor. TEN MINUTES LATER…. The atmosphere was tensed and each seated with bloodshot eyes person to his own thought. Olu was on the couch, while Anita sat on the floor in front him. “What are we going to do?” Olu broke the silence “l don’t know, but abortion is out of it.” She replied. “So, you want to have the baby? Clu asked, his heart beating faster than normal. “l don’t know …. Women in my family always die whenever they try aborting pregnancies. I think having the baby will save my life.’ “So, you want to have a baby whose paternity would be questioned? Olu asked angrily. “You want to have a baby when your wedding is fixed for next month? You want to put the plans and expectations in jeopardy?” He was begining to get angry. “l am set for Ekiti state as we speak I have found a job. How do you prove it that I impregnated you?” Anita intensified her wailing as she rolled on th e floor “My advice for you is to talk to your friend, Doctor Jane. Calculate the last time Wole slept with you and tell him it resulted in pregnancy. By the time you give birth, Jane as a professional would be able to say, the baby’s birth was delayed.” O lu explained. ‘”You have your future, your wedding is next month. I have mine, I just got a job. Lets go our seperate ways, this is the best decision that favours the two of us.” PRESENT DAY “so, Bro Dave is your son? Dad! Why?” Tawakalit was crying by n ow. “Why did you do this to us? Dad! Why? What do you want mummy to say or do?” “Exactly! Don’t let your mother know about this until I fix this and I will tell her myself. None of your sisters should know too. This is meant to be a secret b etween you and I.” Barrister Olu “But, dad!’ “You can do this for me. Please.” explained pleadingly. Standing outside Obi’s hostel was Serena and Taiwo, as well as Obi, their host “Obinna, you still owe me a packet of chocolate for coming here today and a plate of Ice cream for bringing Serena Williams with me.” Taiwo interrupted Obi”s discussion with Serena. “l owe you nothing except you stop calling me Obinna Obi. Nna is not part of my name.” “Whatever. Are you getting me the chocolate and I” Obi replied “My name is ce cream or not?” Taiwo asked “Bounty chocolate and supremelce cream” Serena bursted into laughter, such that she had to steady herself by holding Obi “s shirt. “Supreme 1<0, magistrate court ni.” Serena said and Obi joined in the laughter. Taiwo stared at the two ‘lovebirds’ as she fondly called them feigning anger, but the expression on her face made them laugh more. “You are mad, I swear.” She said. “You are madder.” Serena replied amidst laughter. Being someone who hated being made fun of, Taiwo quickly weighed her options. Realising that there was no way she could make them stop laghing, she decided to leave them to their laughter and hopefully when she is gone, they will have something else to laugh about. “l am going to get myself the chocolate and ic e cream. And you Obi, you will pay.” she threatened? “shebi you called me this morning and I showed up. There is always a next time, andd believe me, you’ll pay before you see me the next time.” “Who wants to see you before. It is Serena I want to see and knowing that you could bring her here. That was why I asked to see you today.” Obi replied immediately. Both girls pretended like they didn’t hear him, but not after exchanging a meaning wink. “And to you Serena. We go see.” With this Taiwo strolled off. ” Sor where are you going?” Serena called. “To get ice cream of course.” “Get me a plate.” Serena said. “Winch.” Taiwo as she walked away. Sure that Taiwo had lefty Obi picked up the conversation from where they stopped “Serena, what do you say to my adva nces and proposal?” He asked.

To Be Continued…

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