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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

What advances?” Serena replied. “Stop playing dumb. You know what I am talking about.” He said. “Oh that! I have told you Obi. We can’t date.” She replied. “No. We can date, but I can’t date you.” She added. “Why? “Sincerly speaking, I like you and I love your simplicity. But every time I fall in love with guys like you, I end up getting hurt. Am still trying to get over Jake’s scenario. Obi, please, forget it.” Obi took two bold steps closer until his chest was almost touchi ng hers. A position Serena found uncomfortable, but decided to stay calm, afterall, they are in public and nothing is going to happen. “Serena, you can’t judge every guy the same way. You have to buy several fake products before getting another. And with m y experience and age. Do you think I want to take you for a ride?” Obi explained. “l love you, and its obvious. If I don’t, I won’t doing this. Serena please.” He added. “Seriously, am confused.” She confessed. “Don’t be.” And unexpectedly, Obi with his st rong arms pulled Serena closer, such that she bumped into his huge frame. Knowing where this was heading, she instantly developed goose pimples. A part of her wanted it while another part wants otherwise, but she lacked the will and power to decide. “We ar e in public and people could be watching.” She was saying when she felt his breathe on her lips. But the kiss never came, as a car honked that moment. “What are you doing with her?” She couldn’t be mistaken. It was Jake. “Are you asking me?” Obi asked “Of course. Am talking to you.” Jake replied alighting from the Volkswagen Golf 3. One of the unused cars in his father’s garrage. “To answer your question. She is my girlfriend. Your loss.” Obi replied. Jake bursted into laughter. love your hustle. But sorry to burst your bubble, Serena can not and will never date someone like you.” This time, the two boys were standing in front of each other so closely to an extent that, air would find it difficult to breeze through the space between them. “And what gives yo u the confidence?” Obi asked with clenched fist Serena knew where this was headed, and coupled with the last time they(Obi & Jake) almost fought, she remembered Obi teilling Jake; “we live to fight another day.” Maybe the ‘another day’ is here. The though t of the two boys fighting made her afraid and without thinking twice, she sent a quick message to Taiwo, demanding her presence “Talk about class. In no way should you be 100miles near Serena. She is just in everyway bigger than you could ever be. Her per sonal bank account at present could pay your tuition fee till you graduate. You are just a fool dating his mother’s mate.]’ Before Jake could complete the statement, a heavy Mayweatherlike punch had hit him accross the face, courtsey of Obi. Serena immedi ately grabbed Jake’s hand in a bid to stop from retaliating. But, Jake was not one to give up. He freed himself from her grasp and went for Obi who added two more punches to his jaw. It was obvious that Jake was no match for Obi and as such, if left to exc hange a few more punches, Jake would end up be flown out of the country for treatment. ly. “What’s going on here guys?” Taiwo asked and immediately the two guys let down their guards as Taiwo stepped in between them. “Obinna, I demand an answer.” She said firm “He is such an as5″ He replied That moment, Taiwo turned to face Jake who was bleeding from his nose and lip as he spotted a swollen eye.

Oh my God!” She moved closer to Jake to examine the level of his wounds. Serena stared at her friend in suprise as she had never seen Taiwo feel pity for a fellow human. And not for just anybody, but Jake, the jerk of a guy “Obi, I can’t believe you can be so violent.” Taiwo said angrily. “Do you know how it began? Did I just start hitting him?” Obi replied. “Like I care.” She said. “Serena, please, lets get out of here.” And with this, Jake led them to his car. Six minutes later Jake was driving out of the UI first gate. Senator Smart Olukunle walked out of his study dressed in his sport wears as he held his car k ey in hand. “Hey darling.” Doctor Jane, his wife greeted from the couch where she was lying down. “You are back?’ He asked as he moved into the living room properly “Yeah. I came in one hour ago. But didn’t know you are in, since I didn’t see your car out side.” Jane replied. “The air conditioner is faulty, the driver has gone to fix it and he’ll fuel it too.” Senator Olukunle replied “You are going out?” He asked. “Yeah. The golf club. Its been a while.” “Okay, what will you like for dinner?'” Jane asked. “Anything will do. More vegetables this time.” With this, Senator Olukunle made for the door and almost immediately, he turned back. “That reminds me. Have you done anything on our conclusion the last time we talked?” He asked. Jane knowing what he was ta lking about quickly replied. “No, I haven’t had the chance to see Wole Thomas.” “l will control his movement tomorrow. Either he doesn’t go anywhere or you meet him in office. Explain everything to him. You have kept it secret long enough, its high time he knew which of his children is his.” Senator Olukunle said. “l will try and fix a time with him.” She replied “Its not about trying. Its a must” Senator Olukunle cuts in. “You are lucky I took this issue lightly with you. If I had gotten angry immediately I got a wind of the situation, you probably would be in your father’s house by now with nothing.” He said angrily. “Forget the dinner. I will eat outside before coming home.” With this the actionsenator as he was fondly called during his days as a lawmak er between I ggg and 2007. t was no news that Oluwole Thomas was a godson to Senator Olukunle. Olukunle, a business man Pour politician nutured Wole in the business way. And while Wole worked as project manager and supervisor for Oluks constructions in the 80’s, its was with Oluks construction licence that aided the registration of Oluwole’s company. Despite the ten years difference in their ages, one would think they were age mates. But Senator Smart Olukunle was not someone who put extra importance in age . He considered it mere numbers, hence, his reason for being best of friends with someone who could pass for his little brother. Jane was left to her own thought as her husband exited the house She knew her greatest mistake was agreeing to cover Anita’s se cret twenty four years ago. Now that she was torn between revealing the secret and loosing her position as Senator Smart’s wife and all properties he got for her, including her hospital.

To Be Continued…

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