Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 56


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena sat opposite Jake inside the Agodi gardens where their fallin began. “l thought you said you will be taking meto an eatery. Why the change?” Serena asked. “Remember what happened the last time I invited you here. W fèll out and things became messy. I invited you this time for the second and probably the make things right.” Jake replied. “Waoh!” Serena exclaimed last timeto “what?” Jake asked. “Nothing’ She replied. Twenty minutes later, they have both settled to a bottle of coke and meat pie each “Serena, I will never forget today in my life. Despite all I did to you. You still overlooked my shortcomings and still honoured my invitation. Am not forgetting today anytime soon.” Jake remarked Serena smiled. “Life is too short to keep grudges and malice. Since I was able to move on despite all you made me go through. Not forgiving you means a great disservice to me. Plus, the scenario I want to put behind me will still be a stumbling block.” Serena replied. “l love your spirit.” Jake said. “So, tell me, Are you returning to the state because of Stephanie?” Serena asked “Yeah.” He replied. “Do you care to share?” She asked “Sure.” Jake replied. “You see, my dating Stephanie was down to the fact that I wanted you to miss me. Don’t get it twisted, because I loved you and I still do. But I thought you loved me then.” He began. “Aftr speaking to a couple of friends, they adviced that I hook up with any of your friends to make you jealous and since Steph was ready to help me win you back, I decided to go with her. But everything changed the day we had S£x.” He sai d. “You two had S£x?” Serena asked in disbelief. “Yeah. It was a mistake if you ask me and I still regret it.” Serena grabbed her clutch, but Jake was beside her before she could stand up. “Serena, try to understand. I love you with all I have. Came back f rom the states because of you. Decided not to return because of you, but you threw the love back in my face.” “l didn’t throw your love at you. I wanted you to do more. I loved you, [ wanted to be your girl, but am not sure of what would happen if I agreed to date you. I wanted to give you a tough time which you took for something else. But, thank God, I used my head then. If I had used my heart, I would have said yes a long time ago and I would still catch you kissing Stephanie.” Serena poured out, Jake’s jaw twitched as he opened his mouth to talk, but no word came out “But, I love you.” He said. “l do too. I used to rather.” Serena replied “Any chance that we could?” He asked “None at all Serena replied sharply. “What But you just said it yourself that …” He was saying when Serena stood up angrily, grabbed her clutch and he phone, preparing to storm out of the shed they were occupying, but her vibrating phone made her stop ib her tracks. And suprisingly, Jake made no attempt to stop her. “Oh my God!” S he screamed as she threw herself on Jake which sent both of them crashing to floor sustaining little wounds in the process. Even though, Jake suffered most.

l have been admitted.” She screamed happily. “Thank you Jesus. Despite failing Jamb. God, you are so wonderful ” “Stand up Serena, you are hurting me.” Jake snapped. Serena imediately stood up and stared at him sadly. “Aren’t you happy for me?’ She asked. “Of course I am.” He replied. “But, you are not showing it.” “How do you want me to show it when y ou threw yourself at me unexpectedly which resulted in our crash to the ground. Me hitting my head on the floor in the process?” Jake asked. “Am sorry.” Serena said excitedly “Congratulations. Am very happy for you.” Jake said hugging her with his tradema rk smile. “Two down, one to go.” She said “Meaning?” Jake asked “My friends. I have been admitted. Labake go hers last week, LAUTECH. You remember her, don’t you?” “Of course, I do. Labake, the labour prefect in my set.” Jake replied. “yeah. And Taiwo my new friend. She picked UNILAG.” Serena added. “What about Stephanie?” Jake asked. “What about her?” “her admission. She is your friend too.” Jake said. “Well, she is, But, am less concerned about her admission progress.” Serena replied Jake stared at her for a few seconds and smiled. “Got to go.” Serena announced. “Is it because of what I said? He asked. “No. Not at all. I have to tell my loved ones about my achievement.” “What an awkward way to part.” Jake said sadly. “l know. But, my admission is enough reason for us to be happy.” Serena said as she walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. “This is our last time together, At least, for the next five years. I love you, “Same here” He replied. Jake sat in the front seat beside the driver of the family r s space bus. “Americana.” The driver remarked for the upteenth time. As an only childr and the heir to the largest business empire in the whole of the South west, all of his father’s staffs, both at home and at works are always striving to be in hi s good books, because, sooner or later, the man behind the business would die and his son would take over. His actions towards the staffs he is likely to inherit would be based on the actions of the staffs towards him when he was much younger. And Jake as a no nonsense boy has on a countless times shown the staffs, that he wasn’t interested in all of their dogood pretense “So, what are you buying for me from America?” The man asked for the upteenth time, but Jake, even though could hear him regardless of the headset on his ears, his mind was far away in Ibadan, where he got his dream kiss three days ago from his dream woman, Serena Thomas. “The last time you came home, you bought nothing for me, despite the fact that I was the one who came to pick you at t he airport. And while you gave other staffs at home one thing or the other, you gave me nothing.” The driver poured out. “And my children will go to America one day… But they will give everyone they know something’ He added His last words seemed to have touched Jake who turned for the first time to look at his father’s longest serving driver. “How many children do you have?” He asked.

To Be Continued…

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