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A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Why won’t she? When she got a wind that her husband is cheating.” Pa Ajani countered. “There is a sharp difference when you are married to your own wif e and when you are married to someone else’s wife. Your wife was born in Canada which qualifies her as the only daughter of her parents. And what happened when she graduated from the University? Her mother divorced her father, seeked custody of your wife a nd won with the help of the Canadian government and you foolishly allowed your wife to have all her births in Canada She is only bidding her timer sooner or later, she will divorce you and take your girls to Canada, whose loss?” Pa Ajani explained, and eve ryone in the room couldn’t help bu concurr, “l know what I am doing.” Barrister Olu replied confidently “And she mentioned something about you having a son outside We’ll talk about it before we leave here today.” Pa Ajani said. “Definitely.” Olu replied The doorbell sounded and everyone’s attention was turned towards the door. “Are we expecting anybody?” Pa Ajani asked. “No.” Oluwole replied. “Come in the door is open.” He reached out to whoever was at the door and less than a minute later, the door open ed and Doctor Jane Olukunle(Mrs) walked into the living room. Jane was a popular figure among the fàmily. As a family friend and the family doctor, everyone knew and love her. The few reservations they had towards her was down to her desire to always be in control. “Good morning everybody.” She greeted calmly. “Good morning Jane, how is the Senator?” “He is fine.” Jane replied. t was then it dawned on Oluwole that Jane was at his residence that moment because he invited her for a ‘serious discussion’ accor ding to her. “As you can see Jane, a family meeting is going on and I can’t get out of here. Lets have our discussion some other time” Oluwole said. “Even though I am not a member of this family, but I have a revelation for everyone here, concerning Anita. Jane began “Baba Ajani. Let her talk.” Oluwole said. ” “l have to return to Ondo today before dusk as my customers are coming to buy my harvested cocoa. In that case, let me finish my business here, then [ can leave you Ibadan people to your talks.” The e ver domineering Pa Ajani replied giving no chancee for anybody to disagree. “As the head of the family, and the only living father to all of you present here I am making my own verdict and on no account should anybody change it.” Pa Ajani began. “l will be ninety years old at the end of the month and I want to spend the remainder of my lifetime in total peace. Away from family problems, away from business, with my grand and great grandchildren in happiness. I am handling the affairs of this great family unt o Patrick. An illustrous son and old soldier.” He paused and everyone bursted into laughter. “Patrick has led by example as he has held unto the family chain without tiring and I pray God gives him the strength to continue his good works. So, every misunde rstanding that you have should be taken to Patrick’s house. And you Wole, you are next to Patrick in age, be prepared to settle quarrels and fight in the coming days. This is the last quarel we will be settling for you? You are now a settler.” Pa Ajani con cluded “And I pray that God grant you the wisdom and knowledge to preach peace and the sound health in long life and prosperities.” He prayed. “Amen.” Everyone chorused. “Now, as a father who wants the best for his children, I officially with my blessing j oin my son Oluwole and my daughter, his wife, Anita together for a second time as husband and wife.” Pa Ajani said as he held Anita’s hand and led her towards a frowning Oluwole. “To live together in peace and harmony. And I pray you children go from glory to glory.” Pa Ajani prayed just when Jane raised her hand up. “You have something to say?” “Yes Sir.” She replied as she gave Anita an apologetic look. ‘Il hate say this, but I have to because I donrt want to come short of the lords glory. But Mr Oluwole, you have to forgive me and I crave for every member of the family’s forgiveness.” She began “l have kept a secret for twenty four years and today, I can no longer keep it. Mr Oluwole, forgive me. As the doctor in charge of this family, including all the b irths made, I can categorically tell you that one of Anita’s three children is not yours.” Jane said and immediately, Oluwole sat down on his chair, breaking free from Pa Ajani who struggled for balance. “l am sure of my claims, because, Anita specifically asked for a DNA test when all her children were born and while two are yours, one isn’t.” Jane continued The only sound that could be heard was the ticking sound coming from the wall clock “Unfortunately, we were unable to know who the father to the chil d is and as a person of peace and principle, I won’t be the one to tell this large gathering, which of the children I am talking about. The birth register for the three children is missing including the DNA results. So, I challenge Anita to open up and tel l which of the children is for Wole and which is not. Also, another DNA should be conducted to attest my claim. Anita should also tell the family who she slept with during that period, I can’t say it” Jane explained as she picked up her bag. UFather forgiv e me.” She muttered. think my presence is no longer needed here…” She was saying when the front door burst open and Bolaji walked into the living room, startling everyone. “Who the hell are you? What are you looking for?” The ever battle ready Collins a ttacked immediately. “Bolaji, what are you doing here?” Doctor Jane asked. “Am here to finish what you started.” Bolaji replied “You two should get out of here this minute.” Collins screamed. “Good afternoon Mr Thomas, my name is Mobolaji, You don’t know me, but I know you very well.” Bolaji faced Oluwole Thomas. “First of all, I am a medical doctor by profession. I work at the University college hospital, UCH and Doctor Jane here is my Aunty. My father’s elder sister to be precise. The Nigerian medical as sociation is on strike and for this reason, I was invited by Doctor Jane to help out in her hospital which was where I found these papers.” Bolaji explained. “Your son, Dave is my boyfriend and I love him so much. But according to these papers conprising of a birth register and DNA test result, I can confidently tell you that he is not your son.’ Everyone in the room exchanged suprised looks, but none could be as suprised or shocked as Oluwole who unmistakeably has fathered another man’s child for many years…

To Be Continued…

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