Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 59


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Serena walked out of the house through the back door into the garden when Dave was seated listening to music. “Here you are?” She asked as she sat beside him on the long bench under a shed house. “Yeah. Its hot inside.” Dave replied. “1 wonder how you managed to sit two hours in there despite the noise from those old men and women,” He added. “Its funny, but why weren’t you eavesdropping like me? I mean, Pa Ajani is very intelligent, even with his age.” Serena replied fam “Oh! Intelligence runs in the ily.” Dave added. “It sure does. Guess what everyone agreed on?” “What could they possibly have agreed on except for mum and dad to come back together hun?” Dave replied. “Don’t you want them to come back together? So we could return to the days of watchin g films every sunday from 2pm till I Opm, crazy.” “l don’t know.” Silence took over the whole garden as Serena stared at her fingernails. “Aunty Bolaji is here.” She said “What?” Dave raised his brows. “Oh!” “Aunty Bolaji, your girlfriend. Taiwo’s sister. ” Serena explained. “What’s she doing here?” Dave asked. ‘Il mean, where is she9″ “The living room.” “l gotta go.” With this, Dave ran out of the garden into the house through the backdoor with Serena high on his chase. As Dave made to turn the door kno b to open the door demarcating the exit hallway and the living room, he heard the worst question of his life. “Anita, who is Dave’s father?” It was his father, Oluwole Thomas asking in a shaky voice. “l don’t know what you are talking about.” He heard his mother replied. “l am asking you for the last time. Who did you have Dave for? I can’t imagine I have been investing heavily on another man’s son to the extent that I have handed all my businesses to him.” Oluwole lamented “This girl is obviously paid to d o this. She was asked to ruin this moment.” Anita defended weakly. “Did you hear her? She said she is a medical doctor, Doctor Jane is her aunt and she is Dave’s girlfriend.” Oluwole asked. “Where’s Dave?” “what for?” Collins asked. “For confirmation if t hey are lovers.” Oluwole replied. “Am here.” Dave answered as he walked into the living room, shocking everyone to their marrow, including his father. “Do you know her?” His father asked pointing to Bolaji who was now sobbing harder than ever. “Yes. Bolaji , she is my girlfriend.” Dave replied as he took a step after the other towards her. “Am sorry.” Bolaji cried “You knew this all along and you couldn’t tell me.” Dave replied. “Am sorry. I wanted to tell you, but I don’t know how tow” She cried harder. “l was unsure. “You ruined me. A truth said earlier is better than the one said much later. This came at the wrong time.” Tears rolled down Dave’s cheeks. “We are done.” He whispered and immediately Bolaji grabbed his shirt. “Am sorry. We can make things wo rk. I can take you through the healing process. I promise. Baby, I love you.” Bolaji’s voice was drowned by Pa Ajani’s angry outburst. “Anita, the most honourable thing you can do now is tell this gathering who this young man’s father is.” Pa Ajani said, A nita stared from her husband to her son, back to the hallway door where Serena stood in tears, back to her husband and son. Then a last look of hatred at Barrister Olu, Pa Patrick and Bolaji, she hissed and picked up her handbag and marched towards the do or. Out of nowhere, Dave grabbed his mother by the neck and slammed her hard on the wall. He held her neck tightly as he treathened to strangle life out o her. “Am going to kill you. Tell me who you had me for.” Dave screamed. “If anyone takes any step clo ser, I’ll kill her.” He warned and immediately everyone stopped in their tracks. “Dave, please let her go.” Bolaji pleaded. “Shut up.” He snapped and that did the trick. A jovial voice came out of nowhere which shocked everyone present. With the latest rev elation, no one was expecting anybody to be jovial or throwing jokes. “Leave your mum boy. You are just going to hurt her cos she is not telling you who your father is.” Barrister OIL] stepped forward. “Stay back you idiot. You were sleeping with my mum ri ght after the divorce and even locked my brother up cos he attacked you. You pig.” Dave screamed as he left his mother alone and threw all his weight on Barrister Olu which sent them both crashing to the ground. The latest revelation was not only shocking but threatening. Immediately, Oluwole Thomas grabbed Pa Ajani’s walking stick and with all the strength he had left, slammed it hard on Barrister Olu’s head six consecutive times as Dave delivered professional punches to his face. “Leave him alone.” Anita screamed, much to the chagrin of everyboy. “Anita, you mean it?” Oluwole asked. “He is your father.” Anita said to Dave who immediately stood up. “No way.” Dave replied. “l know who slept with me, I know who got me pregnant. Dave, that’s your father.” Ani ta said angrily. “Are you so shameless? You Sluut!” Jane Thomas attacked. “l don’t care.” Anita replied “l don’t believe you. He can never be my father. I have known just one father figure all my life. I will rather remain fatherless than be a son to this said pig.” Dave “Believe whatever you want tow That doesn’t change the fact that you are my son.” Olu Thomas spoke for the first time. “Any more word from you and I swear, am gonna kill you.” Dave warned.

To Be Continued….

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