Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 60


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

BACK TO PRESENT “That doesn’t make you my father. ” Dave screamed. “Its obvious.” Olu replied triumphantly. “No, its not.” Dave snapped. “Lets have the DNA.” Bolaji cuts in.

Good idea.” Dave enthused Doctor Jane walked into her office where, Anita Thomas, Oluwole Thomas, Davies Thomas, Clu Thomas, Pa Aj ani, Serena Thomas, Pa Patrick, Pa James and Bolaji were all waiting with a calm smile on her face. “sorry for keeping you waiting.” She said as she made for her seat. “Doctor, tell us whatever the result is.” Pa James, a non member of the Thomas family as ked. “l was coming to that sir.” Jane replied calmly. The tension in the room could be felt on the skin, as well as being smelt through the nose. The misty tension was causing a huge crack on they were anticipating the worst news of th everybody’s nose as e year that Dave was Olu’s son or the comforting scenario of Dave not being Olu’s son, but Oluwole’s son. The third scenario was considered as the most fatal as it involves none of Oluwole or Olu owning Davies. Everyone stared at Doctor Jane in anticipatio n of what she has to say. “The result here with me shows me that Barrister Olu has nothing in common as regards the paternity of Dave, except being a Thomas, as well as having the same blood group.” Jane said and for the first time, everyone smiled. Dave t ook a deep breathe and flashed a deep smile to Serena who mouthed “thank God” in return. His eyes fell on Bolaji who pleaded with him with her teary eyes, but he looked away almost immediately. “There is no way I am accepting this useless result. It is arr anged. Dave is my son.” Barrister Olu shouted, “l won’t have you make noise inside my office or within the hospital premises. If you are interested in challenging this result, go to any other hospital in Ibadan or anywhere. You can as well go to the UCH wh ere I will refer you to the most reputable lab scientist who will handle the test. Either you maintain decorum or I have the security walk you out” Jane warned “Fine, I am having this test elsewhere.” He conceded. “Thank you very much doctor Jane. I think we must do?” Pa Ajani said. “You can’t leave now.” Doctor Jane said. “Why?” Everyone chorused. we should leave now; or is there anything “Dave is not Oluwole’s son either.” She replied “The result here says it.” Jane added. “Your result is total rubbish. If none of the two men who slept with Anita is Dave’s father, then who is?” Pa Patrick asked “My people, lets go please.” He said rising up. “Let us ask Anita some questions.” Pa Ajani adviced. “Who else did you sleep with during that time?” “No one.” She replied. “Wasn’t that the period you told me about, Patrick?” Pa James asked. “What?” Pa Ajani asked. “Patrick and Anita once had an affair coincidentally during the period that Dave was born.” Pa James explained, “Is that true?” “No.” Pa Patrick replied. Anita who desperately wanted everything to end and truth revealed replied.

Lets have another DNA test then. Pa Ajani said authoritatively and no one fought it. “Mr Patrick, please come with me.” Doctor Jane said as she made for the exit.

To Be Continued…

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