Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 61


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

MY L OSS! Stephanie was lying down in her room weeping silently as she thought about her life in the past months. The intruiges, the fun, the ups and downs involved, and particularly, her now exboyfriend, Jake and one time bestie, Serena Thomas. She remembered the days of herself, Jake and Serena hanging out in secondary school, despite the two years seperating them. While Jake was the senior prefect boy, the two girls(Serena Stephanie) spent the whole year with impunity. They came late almost everyday as Seren a who would have been driven to school by her mother will leave once her mother drives out with only one destination. Stephanie’s house to tell her, its time for school and Stephanie being a slow eater and slow everything back then, they would end up enter ing the school after the assembly, and they always escaped punishment, because the senior prefect boy(Jake) was crushing on Serena Things changed when Jake graduated that year, Serena stopped coming over to her house, as she had been made the Assistant Se nior prefect girl, and understudy to the Senior prefect who was a year ahead. Even though, Serena would go on not to make it to becoming the Senior Prefect girl by the time she got to the Senior secondary school three. “Stephanie, where are you?” Her mothe r’s voice sounded and immediately, she comported herself] sitting down uprightly and cleaning the tears in her eyes. “So, this is where you are?” Her mother asked as she walked into the room. “Have you gone to the filling station to buy me fuel?” “No.” Ste phanie replied, her head bent. “Why?” “l just woke up.” Stephanie replied “Are you okay?” “Yes I am.” She replied. Her mother gave her an askance look. It was obvious she didn’t believe her and Stephanie in her tired state was not in the mood to make anyb ody believe her. All she wished for was the backing of the time or if she could rewrite the past Then the bombshell was dropped. “Where were you yesterday?” Her mother asked. “Home of course.” Stephanie replied “And you want me to believe that?” “Mum! I wonder who you will believe of not me your daughter.” Stephanie replied “l left this house, 5am yesterday, and by 7am, I was back cos my flight to Abuja was 1 lam. Between that 7 and 1 1, Stephanie, you are nowhere to be found. And guess what?” Stephanie bowed her head in shame and self pity She was picturing the kind of punishment her mother is likely to dish to her. And considering her present emotional state, she knew she can’t survive whatever punishment her mother gives her.

To Be Continued…

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