Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 63


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

There is no way my daughter is going to that idi too or molest her?” He said angrily. ‘Wole, don’t speak ill of your brother.” Pa Ajani, their uncle cautioned. “l will speak ill of him and probably kill him along the line.” He replied. “He had the nerve to sleep with my wife and still supported me marrying her. Only twenty four years later did I realize that my first son, whom I gave everything to is not my son.” He poured out angrily. “And my wife is having affairs with OIL], my cousin behind my back.” “We should find a way of settling this issue. The family must not break.” Pa Ajani said”Am sorry Uncle, but this family is history already. I will ensure that Patrick dies in jail. Olu’s eloquence and expertise won’t help him in court. And Anita will come face to face with death, but won’t die She will wish for death, but she won’t die.” “What the hell is your problem Wole? It has happened already, solution is what we should find.” Mama Londoner said angrily. “Collins, Jane, you better talk to your brother.” But Wole wa s miles away from listening as he had pulled out his phone and subsequently dialled a number. “Hello Colonel, good morning its me, Oluwole Thomas.” He said into the reciever. No one could make out what the Colonel was saying from the other end. “l have som e people I want to teach a couple of lessons. They cheated me.” Much to everyone’s chagrin, Wole couldn’t finish his sentence before he broke down in tears. “Yes, my elder brother Patrick, my cousin, the barrister and my ex wife.” When he was done with the call, the duo of Pa Ajani and Mama Londoner faced him angri ly. ‘”Has it gotten to the stage of you calling soldiers to beat up your own family?” Pa Ajani asked L “You are breaking this family upo further. Anita is the devil, not Patrick, not 0111.” Mama ondoner added. Wole angrily threw his phone at the old woman, but missed her by an inch or two. “Get out of my house.” He screamed. “Are you out of your mind?” Pa Ajani asked. “Wait for me.” He said as he walked in, only to return with a brand new cutlass. From the way the blade shone, one need not to be told the damage it could do. Everyone stood up and made for the door. “Are you deaf? I said get out.” He screamed once again. “It’s me daddy, Serena, your daughter.” “How sure are we that you are my daughte r too? Have we had the DNA test?” Pa Patrick walked out of his room into the living room where his already packed luggage was. From the look of things, it is obvious that he was travelling, but his ringing phone delayed him. “Hello James.” Pa Patrick said on picking up the call. “No, we cant meet today, not any other day.” He added ‘Why?” His friend, Pa James asked over the phone. “l am returning to America.” Patrick replied. “You must be kidding.” “At seventy, do you still think it is healthy for me to ki d?” Patrick asked “My bags are all packed, I have a flight to catch in five hours time. If my calculation is anything to go by, in three hours time, I should be in Lagos.” He explained. “You are returning to the states when your family is on the verge of b reaking. The biggest share of the spoil rests on you, and instead of profering a solution, you think running away is the best. I am disappointed.” Pa James poured out.

This is what is best for the family. If Dave turns out to be match with my DNA, Wole uld be broken, I don’t want that. It is better if I stay put in the US and we are all squared.” Pa Patrick explained. “You are getting it wrong Pat. Forget about life expectancy ratio in America or anywhere. You and I know that you don’t have as much years as you have spent on earth. Same with me If you die without the truth coming to open, Wole will never accept Dave, since their DNA do not match. Your Lawyer of a brother has a different DNA with Dave. Anita admitted having S£x with you on a number of occa sions, out of the three possible men, two are out, one left You are most likely the father of the boy. An unlikely scenario is another man fathering the boy, but as far as I am concerned, Anita hasn’t come out to say there is another man somewhere. Pat, a DNA test won’t stop or delay your proposed trip, will it?” ‘”And if the boy turns out to be mine, will it delay my trip or not?” Pa Patrick asked. “Is the boy your?” Pa James asked Pa Patrick ended the call immediately and switched off his phone. “Kasali. ” He bellowed. Less than a minute later, a man in his forties walked into the living roon. “Take these bags to the car, we are leaving now.” He instructed the man who picked the two travelling bags and wheeled them towards the exit. But a strong kick hit h im in the face which sent him rolling on the tiled floor. Almost immediately, four men dressed in military camoflags walked in calmly. Followed by Wole Thomas and their aunty, Mama Londoner. “Is he the one?” one of the soldiers asked. Ignoring the soldier’ s question, Wole moved closer to his elder brother. “Good afternoon sir.” He greeted. “Mr Kasali, you can go home to your family now, as your services are no longer required” He turned to the driver who was nursing his bruises. “Sorry about the kick.” He a dded. “Wole, what are you doing in my house?” Pa Patrick asked with every courage he could muster. “You’ll see. Just a little bit of patience.” Wole replied. “l would have loved if these gentlemen roughen you up, but Mama already pleaded on your behalf, bu t you still won’t go unpunished.” He added. “Oga, wetin baba do you?” One of the soldiers asked. Obviously, an excecution of a script, Wole smiled. “Baba here slept with my wife. And recently, I discovered that my first son who don graduate for University is not mine. Okay, Baba, let’s do a DNA military officers. ‘Wole, we had an agreement; remember?” Mama Londoner reminded Wole who simply shrugged. “Mama, did h e offend you too?” one of the soldiers asked. “No o.” Mama Londoner replied. “Okay, but it is against our job to beat civillians in their homes. We will like to take him to the barracks.” One of the soldiers explained. “And the DNA test will they use blood or what. I can guarantee you, our punishment will draw enough blood out of him.” He added. ‘Let us have the test first, if he is truly the father, then you can take him to your barrack. ” Wole explained “With due respect Baba, oya lead the way.” Pa Patri ck calmly led the military men out of the house, into his car and led the entourage out onto the street, with the soldier’s car following closely, and Wole’s car taking the rear.

To Be Continued…

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