Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 64


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Outside Barrister Olu’s compound, a white Lexus jeep was parked and two membe of the Thomas family(a man and a woman) stood next to the car as they discussed. ‘Wole is a bastard ” The Man said. ‘What makes you think so?” The woman asked. “How will he ask soldiers to pick his elder brother up?” “Well, I agree with you, but he is n ot entirely wrong. How would you feel if your wife announce that the child you have invested heavily on is not your child? Are you going to pat her on the back? Except the spirit of God dwells in you, I can bet it with you, you will kill her.” The woman ex plained. “l don’t blame Wole at all. Though we are not always in good terms, being cousins, but let’s call a spade a spade.” She added “l disagree with you. Pa Patrick is like the head of the family now. How can Wole arrest him with soldiers who are known for their brutality. What if he dies?” “You have a point, but believe me, Wole is not thinking straight right now, even though his judgment is not entirely wrong. Pa Patrick deserves more than he is getting, then Anita deserves more for being such a callo us woman and wife.” The woman explained “Same with that evil Doctor who helped Anita conceal the truth for over a decade.” The man added “And Barrister Olu who is also guilty of sleeping with Anita, before, during and after her marriage with Wole.” ‘”My brother is not guilty of anything.” The man replied. “01u is my brother too, but the truth is, he deserves a bit of punishment. Though Anita is the woman, she is looser but Olu is plain stupid.” The woman countered “You shouldn’t be saying this. Olu is ou r blood brother, we are only cousins with Patrick and Wole. We should defend our own blood.” “On the other handr our own blood should not cross his boundaries.” The woman replied. “Are you aware that Ou fought tooth and nail that Dave is his son? He went a s far as having a DNA test to confirm him stand. That’s an abominable act. Even if he is my blood brother, the truth needs to be told.” From afar off, Olu r s car could be spotted as he raced towards his home. He stopped a few metres away from the Lexus and walked the remaining distance. ‘Good day.” He greeted his siblings non challantly. “Where did you go?” The man asked. “She is gone.” Olu replied. “Who is gone?” The woman asked “My wife.” Olu replied. “She left not only with her stuffs, but with the chil dren. Now, I can’t fight her legally, she made them Canadian citizens already. I am a looser.’ “Thank God you know.” The woman replied L “What do we do now?’ The man asked “l don’t know. And the boy I thought is mine turned out not to be. Where will I st from?” Olu lamented. art “Stop dwelling on your loss. All you have to do is pick up what is remaining of your life and move on. Get back to your job and make something out of your life. I don’t think you lost completely. Your children are still yours, no d oubt, so, one day, they will reach out to you.” The woman explained. Just then, a car came to a halt just beside Olu’s car, and two military men jumped out and made for where the three civillians stood. Before any of them could react, either by registering the presence of the soldiers or taking to their heels, they seized Olu and made to drag him towards their car. “You can’t trample on my rights as a citizen of this country, I am a legal practitioner, and I know my right.” He bragged.

Even if you are the law, that won’t stop us from taking you away.” One of the soldiers replied asked Knowin “You people don’t know who you are messing with.” The manr Olu’s brother said. “Would you be nice enough to follow us to the barrack and tell us?” One of the soldiers g that, following them to their base is like a dog going into a lion’s den, the man took a step backward. “Where is your barrack?” The woman asked “Adekunle Fajuyi cantonment, Odogbo barracks, Ojoo.” They replied. By the time a small crowd was starting to form, Olu was whisked away. Oluwcle Thomas was seated in his living room deep in his own thoughts. The events of the past few days has turned a strong hearted man to a weakling who looked like he is going to drop down dead anytime. “Dad, what would you li ke to eat?” Serena asked from the dining room where she sat mopping. Her father only turned to look at her, shook his head and continued staring into space The silence in the room was killing, and no one was willing to start a conversation. “come here.” Ol uwole beckoned on her daughter who was surprised. Serena stood up, and immediately, her eyes fell on the brightly lit bulb outside the house. “Dad, there is light.” She announced as she moved towards the light switch. “Do not turn on the light” Her father commanded ‘Why not?” Serena asked. ‘Come sit down.” He said Serena reluctantly walked towards her father and sat beside him. She could tell that her father was loosing it, because no sane man would prefer to be in a dark room when a pull at the light swi tch is enough to light up the room. No sane man would disregard the law and arrest his elder brother, cousin and wife, not with policemen, but soldiers. No sane man would lock out his entire family, and ban them from visiting. ‘What would you do if you wer e in my shoes?” He asked. Serena was caught off guard by the question. “Sincerely dad, I don’t know.” She replied, out of having nothing to say. “That’s it. You don’t know what to do, which means you can do anything. You see why I am not entirely wrong?” ” But dad….” Serena allowed her voice trail off. “You will never understand how I feel unless you are in my shoes. You know how it feels when you’ve spent and invested millions on a child, given him access to your source of income. Made him the boss and on ly to be told that he was never your child. Charity and adoption is quite different, but a breakdown is imminent.” He explained. “Right now, no one knows where Dave is. He alone still has some documents with him. The end of my company starts from him if he refuses to return the documents. ‘”He will return them, he is still a son of yours. You gave him everything, he won’t forget that in a hurry.” Serena said assuringly. “l hope so. I sincerely do.” Her father replied Oluwcle moved the stool closer to his c ouch and began removing some tablets from their foils.

To Be Continued…

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