Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 65


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Let me get you water.” Serena volunteered and left the room. “l am depositing five million education grant into a fixed account for you. I believe that should be enough for the four years you’ll spend in school’ Oluwole announced. “Dad! What are you talking about? It’s not yet time for you to die.” Nate was seated on the bed inside the hotel room where Dave has been staying since the paternity saga started ‘Sincerely bro, you can’t run away from hom e. ” Dave broke the silence. “That’s the best thing for now. I have to go somewhere, devoid of family problems.” Nate replied me. I ‘”And your education?” Dave asked. “l trust dad. He is not entirely against me leaving the house, so he is still sponsoring only want to do away with famly for at least a year.” “You are still a bad boy.” Dave laughed “‘But you set how do you intend running things without a job?” Nate asked. “You can still work with dad if you want. You can still be that ever present PA, you know?” Dave laughed. “No. The thought of returning to the office, knowing fully well that I have been stripped of being Dad’s son is enough to make me loose my efficiency at work.” he explained. “l want to be my own boss, with my untouched salary of over t wo years, I am setting up my own business, no matter how small. “l wish you the best sha.” Nate prayed. “How e s your girl? You don fOrgive am?” He asked


Inside the Sango cemetry, the members of the Nwachukwu family were dressed in black, as the c atholic priest recited the final words as their daughter; Anita Thomas was being laid to rest. Anita who had gone to get married to Olu Thomas after the paternity bruhaha three years ago, but the marriage didn’t live up to expectation, as Olu, still nursin g the wounds of loosing his four children to his NigerianCanadian wife, turned to a wife batterer and he succeeded in beating Anita to death. The processiong was halted as some members of the deceased family moved out of the way to enable Oluwole Thomas p Buttocks. He had come to pay his last respect to his ex of everybody, especially his in– wife, much to the surprise laws who felt they do not deserve his pity, as they failed to manage their daughter during the crisis three years ago Flanked on the left was Nath aniel who was dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and black trouser, to go with a dark sunglass and a black shoe. On his right was Serena, who was clad in a black knee length gown, black open top flat shoe and a dark sunglass. “Now that her husband is her e, shall we all hold our hands and repeat after me.” The presiding priest began Oluwole who did well by ignoring his in lowered into the grave.laws held his children tightly as their mother was being A sudden breeze hit Serena hard accross the face, and tears, as she performed her last respect to the dead. as if that was the catalyst, she bursted into “Shall we?” Their father asked once the closing prayer has been said “It is over.” He added…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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