Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”… Part 66


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

Let’s go dad.” Nate replied. The three of them made their ways out of the grounds, even though Serena was inconsolable as she cried her eyes out as she walked “Chief! Mr Wole, please wait.” His inlaws called, but he ignored them. “It’s me the priest. ” Only then did Oluwole stop. “Good morning father.” He greeted t he man of God. “It’s a pity.” The priest shook his head. “Where did we get it wrong?” He asked. “Anita got it wrong, her family, these people urged her on. Now she is dead. No one wants her dead, but I hope you all will reflect on where you went wrong in g iving her the perfect upbringing or calling her to order while she erred.” Wole poured out. “Dad, let’s get out of here.” Nate said. “You see? Her children wants to pay their last respect, that was why we came. And now, they can’t wait to get out of here.” Oluwole said. “Father, we will see and talk some other time.” He shook hands with the priest, and walked away. Only to stop after taking five steps, because the least expected person just alighted from a SUV parked in the parking lot. Everyone stopped whi le he approached the crowd. “Good morning dad.” Dave greeted “Hi Nate.” He said shaking hands with his brother. “Hi Serena” He hugged his little sister. “Where did they bury her?” He asked. “Over there.” The priest replied Dave left the crowd and walked t owards his mother’s grave. “You see? Her children have forgiven her. Anita is left with whatever judgement God has for her.” Oluwole said. TWO DAYS LATER; Serena walked into the living room bearing a tray, on top which a bottle of wine and glass cups lay. Seated in the living room was her father, Dave, his fiancee and Nate. “l can’t believe our family can be this happy again.” She said as she dropped the tray. “I’ll love if you can relocate to Nigeria after your marriage. Nate is still interested in his soc ial life and cannot handle the business. ” Oluwole said. “Anything for my family.” Dave replied. “Darling, what do you think?” He turned to his fiancee. “No place like home with the people we love.” She replied. “This calls for celebration. Let’s pop somet hing’ Nate said excitedly. “You see what I was talking about? Pop something. Mind you, you are going to be the deputy CEO.” Their father pointed out amidst laughter. “‘What about me?” Serena asked. “Graduate first na We do not employ undergraduates.” Her f them into another round of laughter.


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Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 6:55 am

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Tosin SilverDam

Tosin Silver Dam, a mass communication graduate/BSc Holder, actor, ex publisher, publicist, writer and I rock things a lot #majah Email:, whatsapp: 08080664675, BBM: 5C350257


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  1. Wow! What a happy end, pity Anita died as a result of her waywardness. That’s serves as lesson to ladies who don’t know family when it comes to Sekxual act.

  2. this piece is so lovely
    kudos to d writer, more ink to yur pen
    really enjoyed this am glad I followed up till d last end

  3. dope piece,really enjoyed it

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