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Must Read: The Thomas: “A FAMILY”…


A Story written by Durodola OLAWALE YUSUPH ( +2348166920449,

The members of the Thomas family were seated in the dining room ajoining the living room having their breakfast. Six chairs were arranged round the dinning table with Chief Oluwole Thomas seated on the chair at the north, his duaghter, Serena was seated on the southern chair, the one closest to the kitchen, Nathaniel and his mother, seat ed on the two chairs backing the living room while, Davies, the first son sat on the chair opposite his mum and brother’s. “Nathan, when are you going back to school?”Oluwole asked his son, Nathaniel who was a student of Mechanical engineering the the bett er by far university. The prestigious University of Ilorin, kwara state. “Dad, I have to be in school today.” The twenty years old three hundred level student replied. “So who’ll drive you down to school now that the Kasumu, the driver is down with Malaria He asked his son. ‘Davies will drive me to school.” He replied his father ‘iNgbo. Dave, will you drive you brother to sch0019H “No problems dad.” Davies replied. “No way will my son sit behind the wheels for six hours. Dave, you are going nowhere.” t ?” heir mother, Anita opposed. “Three hours isn’t much for a man who has been driving for the past four years.” Oluwole replied his wife. “l don’t want to know. Either you get a driver to take him to school or he take a public bus. Better still, let him wait till next week when the driver must have been up.” Anita advised. “l can’t wait till next week mum. You know we are in mid session. I just had to rush down home so as not to miss the thanksgiving.” Nathaniel replied “You left school all in the name of a u seless thanksgiving… ” She was saying. Save in Anita, save it. How much is the bus to Ilorin?” Oluwole asked his son. “One thousand naira.” Nathaniel replied. “Okay, see me in my room when you are ready.” Oluwole said standing up to leave the dining are a. “Dad, where are you going?” Serena asked. “I’m done.” He replied walking out of the dining room. The breakfast continued in silence except for the sounds made when the cutleries hit the plate. The children knew better not to talk to their mother who won ‘t hesitate to transfer the aggression on them. After the meal, Serena packed the plates and took them to the kitchen. Serena was seated inside her bedroom chatting on her laptop. The room which was well furnished and painted pink. A king size bed stood ju st beside the window which had pink curtains, a white wardrobe was carved from inside the wall and her room was carpeted in white and pink, She was seated on her bed, her back rested on the wall. “Oh! sweet cousin.” She said as she typed away all her conce ntration on the laptop computer opened before her. She continued chatting with her cousin and some of her friends. The time was g:30pm. Thirty minutes after the devotion. she knew any moment from now, her parents would sleep. She closed her laptop and walk ed out of her room. She entered the living room to see the television still on and working. A mexican soap opera was been aired. She headed for the 42 inches electronic device hung on the wall, she pushed a button and the screen went blank. She walked thro ugh the third doorway that linked with the living room. One of such doorways led to her room and her brothers, the other led to the dinning area which in turn led to the kitchen and the third led to their parents room and other rooms including the visitor’ s room. She entered the passage and walked towards the visitor’s room where their mother is staying for now. Just then she met her father by the door into his study “Am reading.” She lied. “Okay.” He said an d walked into his study. She knocked on her mother’s door. “Come in.” She said from within. “What are you up doing by this time?” He asked She pushed the door open and walked into the room which was painted in sky blue and white. Her mother lifted lifted her head up from the book she was reading. She n odded her head in affirmation. “So, what can I do for you?” She asked her daughter Mum, I came to see you concerning my forthcoming Jamb exam and also because of dad.” She replied. “We can talk at length about your exam but your and I don’t think I want to talk about it h ‘ She replied her daughter. “But mummy why? You and dad seemed to have drifted apart. You weren’t present during the thanksgiving. Even Uncle Collins and the others expresses their disappointment. You now treat dad as a total stranger, w hich is not supposed to be.” Serena explained. Mrs AnitaOluwole smiled at her daughter’s intelligence but immediately the smile turned to a frown. “Mum, things like this are not good in marriage…” “How old are you9N She cut her daughter short. “Mum. I am seventeen.” Serena replied. “You still have how many years before marriage? Maybe eight or ten. “Mum, am not getting married now. I’m telling you things that ought not to be “My little daughter is now counselling me about marriage.” “No mum. I want you t o settle things with dad so that….” “Save it. Now get out of my room.” She cut her daughter short She protested a bit even though she knew it won’t make her mother change her mind. Shesadly walked out of the room mumbling some inaudibles in the process. “Say it louder. I need to hear what you are saying. I know your father sent you to me.” She slammed the door angrily behind herself andshe walked away. Stephanie was seated in the living with her friends all fully dressed and ready to go out but they seeme d to be waiting for someone. “Steph, are you sure Serena is still coming?” Tina asked “Yeah! I called her before you guys got here and she said she will be here soon. She will surely be here, you know its my birthday.” Stephanie, the seventeen year old gi rl replied An elderly woman probably in her late forties descended the flight of stairs, looking ravishinglybeautiful and a proper look at her, you will be quick to notice that Stephanie looked exactly like her. “Ladies: She said as she entered the living room where her daughter, Stephanie was seated with her friends, Tina and Oyinda. “Good afternoon mum.” Tina and Oyinda greeted in unison, going on their knees. “How are you all?” She asked smiling. ‘Fine ma” they replied. She turned to face her glowing te enage daughter who was looking disturbed. “Sweetheart, whats wrong?” She asked. “Mummy, its Serena o. She refused to show up and She was saying when the front door opened and a beautifully dressed Serena Thomas walked into the living room with an apologet ic look “Good afternoon mum.” She greeted her friend’s mum. “How are you Serena? You look good.” “Am fine ma. Thank you ma.” Serena replied “Happy birthday to you girlfriend.” She said and handed over a wrapped parcel to her friend who smiled happily and collected the parcel and dropped it on the centre table. “Shall we?” Stephanie’s mum, Mrs James asked. “Yes.” The girls chorused as, Tina and Oyinda rose up and they all filed out of the house towards Mrs James parked car in the garage. They are headed to a restaurant for a birthday treat. Stephanie was asked to invite three of her friends and she invited, Tina, Oyinda and Serena. Her friends from secondary school
Did you branch Henry’s house?” Oyinda asked springing laughter from the four friends as Mrs James drove along the road. “God punish Henry.” Serena replied. Mrs James who was behind the wheels and Serena beside her was listening to the girls conversation. “Who is Henry?” She asked. The four girls exchanged looks and gave a knowing smile. Nobody i s ready to talk “You should have invited him too’ Mrs James said facing Serena. “Maybe next year ma.” Serena replied laughing. Mrs James drove into and parked her car inside the popular fastfood joint located at the central of attraction in the city of Iba dan, lwo road, and the girls alighted and off they went into the building. Mrs Anita Thomas was discussing with her best friend, Dr Jane Olukunle The two women were discussing inside Dr Olukunle’s residence around Bodija estate Ibadan. “Seriously Anita, Wole is becoming a hard nut to crack You can imagine I didn’t do up to this before my husband started worshipping me.” Dr Jane said Mrs Anita Thomas was discussing the issue of how she treats her husband asadvised by her long time friend whose husband was also a very good friend of Anita’s husband. ‘Do you know the most annoying part? He pays little attention to everything I say, he flares up easily and yab me on any mistake I make.” Anita replied ‘il didn’t do up to this when I changed my husband Intac t I used the silent treatment and he understood what I wanted immediately. He now consults me before making any decision.” Jane explained. I use hot treatment for my husbandr but Wole is very stubborn.” Anita replied. “All you have to do is keep trying. I know with time, he will be what you want him to be. Don’t give him the chance to overpower you. Make sure the kids are on your side most especially your little girl.” Jane advised. “Okay. I’ll do that.” “Try to make them reason with you. Once you control won r the kids, your husband t have a choice.” Jane expalined further. “Alright friend. I’ll do just that. The two women were discussing on how best to gain control over their husbands and Dr Jane is already successful with hers and she wants to put her fr iend Anita on the path to the same success.

To Be Continued…

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