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Miranda: yes she is. We stay in the same hostel
Preston: oh, I see. Seems both of you are new here right?
Miranda: yes we are new. She just came in the day before yesterday
Preston: she seems different.(rolling his glass of wine in his hands)

Miranda: yes of course.
Preston: I heard you are also Belinda’s roommate?

Miranda: yes I am
Preston: hmmmm. You better be careful because you should know you are living with a cultist.
Miranda: OMG! I had no idea though she seem naive, rude, boring and unexciting but I don’t expect she will be a cultist. Holy mother if Jesus!

Preston:(he laughed) you must have heard we dated, right?

Miranda: yeah I heard but I also heard you broke up with her
Preston: yes that’s right. I broke up with her because of that ruthless decision she took of being a cultist. I warned her against it but she seems to be blinded with the sweet swords that the members Had said to her. She wanted to be cool like me. But to be truthful we are not cultists here ask your boyfriend l. Its just a group of guys that are interested and more concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of the students here. Though many won’t understand but it doesn’t matter to me because we know what we are fighting for.
Me: okay. I really really support you guys. But what about the smuggling?

Preston: hahahhahahhaha. Yes we do smuggling but we don’t take the drugs other people does. We are only after the money to enhance our facilities and equipments. So please help me tell Milly not to be scared of me or us(pointing to all of the members) because we don’t bite at all. I see she is a nice person that’s why I want you to help me extend my greetings and also tell her I want her to be my friend. Not girlfriend but just a friend. Can I count on you?
Miranda: definitely. You can count on me. And i will also help you do what you said.

Preston: tell Milly tobe extra as you can see Belinda is now the leader of the sparkles stars. Those girls that put on shinning black.

(he pointed a corner with his face and I looked at the direction and really saw a group of girls wearing shinning black and Belinda was at the front) the former leader who introduced her in it died in a fatal accident and since Belinda was the strongest and richest of the rest girls, she was made the leader. So I want you and Milly to be extra careful with Belinda in your hostel.

Miranda: thanks a lot for this information I will surely do what you said.

Preston: its okay then. I need some air(he stood up and left the table leaving the girls behind. Miranda didn’t even bother to talk to the girls because she didn’t want to look like them.

****outside the party house****
Belinda: what do you think you are doing? Do you think you can just break up with and then leave me for someone else!! I went through hell just because of you and this is how you treat me? Like a piece of fortified and forfeited trash??!!
Preston: I never told you to become a cult member. I was against it and you knew that! So don’t you dare rub blames on me.

Belinda: now what baby? You know I love you(putting on a cry like face and holding his neck). You can’t abandon me like this, this was not how we planned it.

Preston: nothing else is left to say or do to you and I am not your baby. I don’t love you and can never love you!! Not anymore! So please I will like it if you take your hands off me and leave me alone!!
Belinda:(still holding his neck) baby no na. You know you are my life I can’t do anything without you. I will kill myself if you leave me.

Preston: the belinda I know will never kill herself for me. You cant!! Because you won’t be able to do without your riches so please get your f**king hands off me(pushing her hands away). To me, you are just a pest! So if you are not gonna leave, I will!!! (Tears dropped from Belinda’s eyes seemed she loved him dearly)…

To Be Continued…

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