Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 13



Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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**in the party. In brenden’s table**

Brenden: hmmmm. The prestos is here already.(they were nine sitting in a round table. Their names were Brian, brandy,Brendan,bishop,barker,brast, billy, and their leader Brenden)
Billy: it really baffled me to see them here before us.

Brenden: well its already done. So have any of you seen Cassey?
Brian: yeah I saw her. I saw her and her crew. She seemed to be warning that girl you saved.
Brenden: hmmmm. The jealousy wey go kill that girl ehh still dey my house they train. What was she thinking?

Brian: I don’t know. I guess she was suspecting both of you.
Just then Cassey and her girls walked in.

Cassey: can I join you Brenden? (Avoiding the rest of the boys)
Brenden: madam cassey you can’t join us. You see space here again? abi na dat your big barka na you wan take suffocate us for here?
Cassey: why are you behaving this way?

Preston: and in what way am I behaving cassey?? Leader of ROCK ANGELS?? Answer me?? Cassey: so its because of that girl right? Ever since you met her you have been turning sideways at me(trying to cry)

Brenden: so are you telling me now you are jealous?
Cassey: why should I be?? Of course am not!!
Brenden: then if you are not, shut the hell up!!! And stop pissing me off!!!

Cassey: oh really?? I see where this is going to. And guess what? I am not shaken by your words. Just watch closer by the time and through with her, she will run out of this school with her legs. Girls let go!
Brenden: see this girl o. This girl wey just shayo for my front that day nai come here dey do like banga tree. I nor blame her sha she don dey drink blood na. Make I hear say she misbehave with that girl. Na dat day dem go hear of rock angels last!!

Brandy: hmmm don e be like say you too don fall for dat girl o
Brenden: I nor know o. Ever since I met her she does not seem to clear of from my memory even when I am drunk.

The boys just smiled and looked at eachother.Then they continued drinking *back in the hostel when I dozed off*

I had this terrible dream about me being chased around by pink and black girls. When running I fell down and as they were about to hit me with their weapons, I woke up. Then I noticed someone knocking the door.

Me: who is there(in a tired and sleepy tone)
Miranda: bae, open the door its me miranda
Me: oh I am coming.
I opened the door she came in with her shoes in her hands.

Me: I hope you are fine?? By the way who drove you home?
Miranda: Presley did. Actually it was the prestos. They just offered to give me a lift home.
Me: dats good for you I had to trek all the way home. And on getting here I saw some annoying girls with belinda in theit midst.
Miranda: OMG! hope you weren’t injured?

Me: nope. According to belinda they just came to warn me to leave preston alone for her.
Miranda: hmmm Preston actually told me that belinda was the leader of that group. They are called sparkle stars. He told me he broke up with her because she joined a cult. against his will.

Me: wow! Interesting
Miranda: he told me to warn you to be careful and also he told me to ask you to be his friend. So what’s your reply?

Me: hmmm I told you they will be the one to fall me. Didn’t I?
Miranda: please go away joor! For your mind. Will you accept the offer or not?
Me: humm tomorrow if I see him I will give him my answer.

Miranda: make sure its a yes oo.
Me: you nor trust me??? (We both laughed and slept off)
Miranda: you see your self. Stand up and enter bathroom joor!!
Me: leave me I want to fly!!(talking while sleeping) i want to fly with you lex. To any country.
Let’s fly together.

Miranda: she couldn’t hold the laughter anymore she burst out laughing and that woke me up.
Me: what na why laughing?? You just distracted me from my dream.
Miranda: so who is lex?
Me: nobody!
Miranda: hmmm really?.

Me: yes really!(I walked to the bathroom took my bath and came out) I don’t want to be late for lecture today o. So hurry up!
Miranda: see who is talking?..

To Be Continued…

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