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We left for class. Even though I went to a party last night I didn’t go late to class.

As I entered unto d class, I saw Brenden sitting in d chair we sat together the first time. I was surprise dat he came early to class. I just avoided him and went to d next seat. I didn’t want to encounter trouble with Cassey in order not to disclose my true ID because doing that may have to leave some people dead. I sat down, brought out my books and textbooks waiting for d lecturer to come in. I avoided looking at his direction. Not too long he came to meet me.

Brenden: why come here to sit, when dere is a vacant seat at d front? (I didn’t answer him)

Brenden:(he chuckled) its obvious you are scared of Cassey dat’s why you are heeding to her warning not to talk to me.

Me:(I laughed) cassey? Who d hell is Cassey? Look u am avoiding you because I don’t want to be associated with a cultist like you!
Brenden: and who said I am a cultist?

Me: who cares!!! As far as you the leader of some group of boys creating a secret whatsoever…..

That leaves you being a cultist!!
Brenden: well miss, for your info I am not. And stop calling me a cultist in my presence.

Me: what if I don’t stop?
Brenden: stop acting like a foreigner because you have their complexion doesn’t makes you one. As a Nigerian you should know the repercussion of you being disobedient.

Me:(I wished only if you knew I wasn’t a Nigerian) whatever!! I don’t give a d–n.

Brenden: then suit yourself (he rubbed my cheeks and left)
The lecturer came in and did his thing and all that. Questions and answers were being made and before I knew lecture was over.

To Be Continued…

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