Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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We laughed and joked. He always insulted brenden as being an idiot, brain blocked head and so on and it did made me laugh. We played scrambles and I definitely won him. Just then that idiot appeared with her bunch of fools and our fun went bizarre.

Belinda: so this is what you have doing behind my back?
Preston: and what have I been doing behind your back?

Belinda: don’t you dare ask me that kind of a question you and I both know what I am talking about.(she was shouting already)

Preston: don’t you dare raise your alarm on me! The last time I checked I wasn’t your child, brother or lover!! So just do me good to evacuate this province;
Belinda: guess what? You will have to make me leave. (She was so furious and angry right now so I thought I better leave)

Me: uhmm, preston I guess I have to be on my way so you can discuss with you know.(as I got close to belinda, she gave me a brain turning slap that had me shifted backwards)

To Be Continued…

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