Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Preston: wow this is bad. Looks like she gave you another skin texture. Wait here lemme go get something.

He came back with a bucket of water filled with ice and a white towel. He helped me cleaned my face. When I checked the time it was 9:13pm already.

Me:OMG! I have to be on my way like seriously(I was late though but I also said it to distract him from staring at my face lustfully)
Preston: oh! Yeah right. Should I drop you or do you want to walk yourself?
Me: I will have to walk don’t worry.
Preston: are you sure? Aren’t you scared if Belinda?

Me: hahahahhahaa! Dear, it will take me more than that sh*t to get me scared. I patted on his cheek and was heading for the door, he held my left hand and drew me close to him. I thought it was gonna be a kiss)

Preston: I insist. let me drop you off.

Again we left for his car the same way we came. He dragged me and opened the door which I entered.

And he drove off. He escorted me to my hostel door and left. I thought even brenden and preston were heads over heels for me. I continued remembering the moments together with Preston until I opened the door and saw something else entirely.

To Be Continued…

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