Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 2


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Not too long another girl entered.
Miranda: hey, hi you must be the new girl here right?
Me: (feeling bored and uncomfortable around belinda but was glad to see someone else) yes I am, my name is milly and you?
Miranda: mine is miranda, meeting you is my pleasure. Wow I must say you look beautiful even beautiful than all the girls I have seen in campus.
Me: thank you( I was surprised she said that. I know I am beautiful but I didn’t expect a girl to tell me that. Before then I heard belinda hissed and looked away. This was my chance to ask all my questions since she was more nicer than belinda) how many of us will be staying in this room?
Miranda: oh, it’s just the three of us. We all are level 100. But what course are you?
Me: biochemistry and you
Miranda: I am a law student.
Me: what about that girl(pointing at belinda with my face because I didn’t know her name by then) she seems weird.(I whispered to her)
Miranda:oh! That’s belinda she is an accounting student. She is in level 200 she will be graduating the same year with us because she added an additional year for herself here in campus to learn other things like entrepreneurship.(also whispering to me)
Me: why is she like that I mean rude?(the whispering continues)
Miranda: well she has been like that ever since, she is rich, quite intelligent and her boyfriend is the leader of “presto perfectos.”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 2, 2016 — 4:58 pm

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