Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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I was wearing a short jean that was down to My knee and a shirt that had loosened ends. I thought it was Preston or Brenden. But just as I checked properly, Cassey and her bunch came out of the car
Me:(inaudibly) why me? Why all these? Oh God I am tired of this rough tackle
Cassey:(talking to her girls) go on. Go and bring her into the car. She has to be taught a lesson.

The fools ran to me, picked me up and put me in the car and they drive off. I regretted so much for not training with My girls back in Europe. I struggled with them but to no avail. Suddenly they hit me with the edge of a pistol and I started loosing consciousness. I woke up in an empty room having my hands and legs tied to a chair but my mouth was free. Cassey walked in with two guys. She had a video camera in hands. Her plan was to video the guys having s-x with me and then expose the video to maybe the entire school or social media. I couldn’t tell what was happening, everything Seemed like a dream. I begged and pleaded with tears. But she only laughed and told the guys to do a good job. I felt the ground should open its mouth and swallow me.

The boys came to me, loosened my legs and hands. I was a little happy about the jean I wore. Then I remembered my mouth was free. I screamed on the top of my voice.

****back in the hostel after I left******

Presley: yeah you are all mine (kissing and taking in her tongue)
Miranda held him so tight in the waist as she was gonna c-m. Presley banged in and out continuously and was near cunning when he came out to avoid shooting the c-m in her stomach. Both of them relaxed on the bed tired and weak.

Presley:not too bad for an injured person.

Miranda:funny (pushing presley off her body)
Knocks at the door..

To Be Continued…

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