Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Miranda: who is there?
Miranda:OMG!(using the bed sheet to cover her nakedness and ran towards the door and opened it)
Brenden:oh hi how are you doing?
Miranda:I am fine. I have not seen you here around before. So anything?(prete
nding not to know him)
Brenden: oh my bad! My name is brenden and I am looking for Milly.
Miranda:I am miranda. Milly’s friend and roommate but am sorry Milly is not around
Brenden: then do you know where she went to. She didn’t come to class today that’s why I came to check on her
Miranda:she just strolled out
Brenden:okay thanks for your time
Miranda:you are welcome. Bye see you around
Brenden:yeah you too(then he left)
She locked the door and turned to see presley with questions written all over his fave
Miranda:what? Didn’t you hear him yourself why that look?
Presley: uh, nothing but brenden actually wants to see Milly what’s going on between them?..

To Be Continued…

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