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Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 27


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

I stood up from the bed and walked to the door but he blocked the door
Brenden:(he held my hands) I hope we are friends from today. I promise to be of good behaviour. Because since I met you I have not been myself. So please be my friend.
We were eyes to eyes and in those few seconds I got lost. He kissed me which I responded. We were still kissing until we heard a car horn outside. Then we stopped.
Brenden:oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to take advantage of you being vulnerable
Me:I am also sorry
I left his room and went to the sitting room which I find impeccable. It was designed with black and white. I just passed and opened the door only to find the p.p outside. Six of them dressed in red and white resting their backs on their SUV car parked inside the compound. Miranda immediately ran to me and hugged me. Just then Brenden came out he stood behind me. I thank God he was fully dressed
Miranda:I hope you are fine
Me: yeah I am
Preston walked towards us. He held my left wrist always fond of doing that whenever he wants me to follow him. As he was about dragging me, brenden held my right wrist and held me back preventing preston from moving.
Preston:what’s all these? Why holding her? Didn’t you discuss everything you wanted to inside before coming outside?(my mind flashed back to the kiss)
Brenden:yes I did. But she hasnt answered my question
Preston:what question is that?
Brenden:stop being nosy. Milly answer me yes or no?
Else you are not leaving here
Preston:says who?
Brenden:says me. This is my house remember?
Preston:so what! If its your house doesn’t mean we can’t go
Brenden:then try me!
Preston was about dragging me until I screamed
Me: its okay boys! Please. Stop. Brenden my answer is yes
Brenden:it wasn’t hard was it?
Me:no please let me go
Brenden:of course. See you around.
Preston held me and walked me to his car miranda followed behind. Four boys walked outside the gate. They entered a Camry and first left. Preston drove while I sat next to him. Presley and Miranda sat behind
Nobody made a sound until we got to our destination. We got inside the house. Its was designed with red and white I couldn’t tell the difference between Preston’s house and brenden’s house. I came out if the house with miranda
Me:miranda what’s happening?this is not our hostel
Miranda:yeah I know but we will be staying here.
Me:but why?
Miranda:because we are not safe in the hostel. By the way what’s the design in your face?
Me:its just an accident.
Preston and presley were the only ones inside I wonder where the other four went to
Miranda:just an accident eh?come on tell me joor
Me:it was ehmmm rock angels. Cassey did this to me. I narrated everything to her she was so happy for me
Miranda:you are really lucky o are you a virgin?
Me: yes strange right?
Miranda:not too bad for someone like you. So brenden’s question was for you to be his friend right?
Miranda:and you gave him a yes. Is there something you are not telling me?
Me:I dunno. Do you think so?

To Be Continued…

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