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Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 28


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

Miranda:come on no secrets bae tell me
Me: uhmm okat. Brenden kissed me
Miranda: what??(panicking) so fast
Me: I know it all happened suddenly. Please don’t say anything
Miranda: I won’t but make sure you don’t break Preston’s heart o
Me: mtcheeeew break heart keh
The door opened and it was Presley
Presley:now ladies its time to come inside
Miranda:okay we will be inside soon.(presley left) why are you acting so distant from him
Me:look at you. Wasn’t he the reason you got beaten?
Me: yeah I know but we are safe now okay? So please stop the act as if you don’t like him and let’s go in. We went inside. It was 7pm. We took our baths and ate dinner. We watched TV till 9pm. Presley and miranda went inside. I wasn’t sure of where to stay so I came back to the sitting room. It was like they planned it because Preston came to meet me there.

Preston:now that you are friends with brenden I hope I am not left out?
Me:I don’t know
Preston:(he sat near me) why? Because of belinda?
Me:yes. I don’t want to be in any trouble with her
Presley:life is full of barriers but if you know your after what’s right and good for you. Those barriers won’t prevent you. Stop being a weakling and step on it girl! You are stronger than this
“Stop being a weakling and step on it girl” rang in my head. Those words were my dad’s favourite words when he wants me to do something I am scared of doing
Me: (looking at his eyeballs) yes of course I will try my best. Looking at each other brought our faces together. My heart beat increased its pace. Preston adjusted from where he sat so he could meet with My lips. He kissed me passionately and I responded. The kissing lasted for 3 minutes. He heightened himself and made me lie on the sofa slowly with my back. Finally I was on the sofa while preston was on me still kissing me. He was licking my tongue and I was sucking his lips. He opened my buttons one by one. I opened my legs so I can be comfortable on the sofa. He pulled off his shirt and was left with his boxers. He finished opening my shirt I was remained with bra and skirt. I have not done it before but I heard and knee it was painful and I was ready to bear the pain. The kissing went from my lips to my neck down to my chest. And when he kissed my navel I shivered. I felt I was wet in my panties. As he was about pulling my skirt off I held his hand and he raised his head.
Preston: what’s the problem? Did I hurt you?
Me: no you didn’t (sitting upright and buttoned my shirt I mistakenly used my leg to touch his joystick but it wasn’t erect at all) just that I am not yet ready

To Be Continued…

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