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Preston: neither was I
Me:then why were you like that all of a sudden?
Preston: just in case you and brenden were together. And if he tries having s-x with you. I was just doing that to see your reaction. And u passed
Me:hahahahahha. You are such a cute jealous boy.(holding his cheek) but guess what?
Preston: what?
Me: am feeling sleepy(I fell back on the sofa and rested my head on his legs)
Preston:ok. Its bed time already.
I slept off as he played with my hair. I woke up 3am on the bed. I checked and saw preston on the chair inside the room. He was rolling and rolling till he fell from it. I laughed and went to him
Me:what’s the problem. Come sleep on the bed if you are not comfortable here.

Preston: not that I am not comfortable here. I just hate hearing noise when sleeping(truly there was noise, noise of s-x moans made by Miranda and presley)
Suddenly preston walked out of the room and went to Presley’s room and knocked
Presley:ye…e….esss, Who is th….e..re?
Preston:guy abeg reduce your volume nor turn me on abi u ready to borrow me your girlfriend?
Presley:OK sorry.
He came back inside and locked the door. I was just laughing.
Preston:why are you laughing uh?(he playfully ran to me and used his body to push me we both fell on the bed and he was on me again)
Me:I am laughing because its funny
Preston:really?(kissing me)
I didn’t respond because I could hardly catch a breath through my mouth. The kissing led to something else. This time he pulls of his shirt he also pulledy shirt once more exposing my bra. He moved from my lips to my chest down to my stomach and navel. This was not out of jealousy because he was strong and hard. His hood was already searching for my v—-a.
Me:I hope your girlfriend won’t be angry about you having an affair?(I knew he had no girlfriend but I wanted him to ask me to be his girlfriend before we had s-x I am not a s–t).

To Be Continued…

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