Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Preston:I don’t have a girlfriend (he was kissing my tummy he then stopped and faced me). Will you be mine?
Me:(I was glad within me finally I have been waiting for this moment) yours? As how?
Preston:(he laughed) you always like pretending. Will you be my girlfriend?
Me:yes I will(laughing) I could see the happiness and sign of victory in his eyes. He kissed me. I held his neck and his hands were on the bed supporting him. I had to open my legs to entertain his strength
Preston:now you are my girlfriend its normal to do this right? If you are not ready I can resist you know
Me:of course its normal AMD I am ready.

He continued kissing me and at the same time he was pulling my pants and in no time he finished pulling them. And he pulled his boxers
Me: I hate v—-a licking and d–k sucking so please don’t do that
Preston: I hate it more of course I won’t do it
He was still kissing me when I felt something hard inside of me almost up to my waist region. Seemed he had used force to push himself inside of me. The pain made me screamed. I shouted and at the same time tears dropped from my eyes. I held my breath to bear the pain and I gripped the sheets strongly in my hands. He came out of me he looked so worried
Preston:what’s wrong did I hurt you?
Me:yes you did (still crying)
Miranda and Presley ran to the door I guess they must have heard my shout
Miranda:Milly are you okay? What’s going on?
Preston: she is fine. Nothing is going on
Presley: OK then let’s go
They left AMD Preston faced me again. I covered my fave with my two hands
Preston:talk to me. How did I hurt you?
Me:I am a virgin and you forced yourself in
Preston:what? (He was so happy at the same time worried) why didn’t you tell me?
Me:I don’t know! I didn’t expect it to be this painful.
He got off me and checked so did I. I was bleeding. The bedsheets was already stained with my blood and so was the s—t of his hood.
Preston:can you walk so I can assist you to the bathroom?
Me:I don’t know. All I am feeling right now is pain.

Preston: I am so sorry. I was taken away. I should have asked you if you were a virgin
Me:don’t blame yourself. I will soon get over it
Preston: okay. What do you want me to do?
Me:I just want you beside me
Preston:and watch you bleed like this(sitting on the bed)
Me:forget about the bleeding. There is an amount of blood it will let out. So please just come beside me
Preston:okay I will be back. He went to the bathroom cleaned himself and also brought a bucket if water and a towel. He cleaned me by himself. I was a little embarrassed and shy but what can I do?
Soon he came and joined me and I slept on his arm that night like a baby. He wrapped me with his body and arms. We didn’t s-x that night again.

To Be Continued…

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