Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 32


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Me: (I wondered how he knew that
statement. Back in Europe that was how I
and my dad say it) yeah I have taken my
bath and brushed my teeth.(I sat up)
He gave me the food. It was jollof rice,egg
and two meats with salad. I insisted we both ate the food. After we ate, he took the
dishes away and came back. He joined me
on the bed. He was sitting and I was lying.
Preston:you know what?
Preston:I want us to act like real couples. Lately we have been acting like best friends
Me:okay but I am trying. I am not that good in
Preston laughing) you are just perfect
Me:so tell me about yourself and your cult
Preston:well my name is preston Paul. I am in 200 level in the university studying marine
engineering. I am the first child and son of
my family. I come from a rich family as my
father’s tenor hasn’t expired in the house of
assembly. I have two younger sisters
Kathleen and Catherine they are both twins 19 of age. About my cult. I have been the
leader since 100 level. It is actually a
confraternity not a cult. I was made the
leader by Pedro park an American person
who visited the school last year. He came to
create group of boys to fight corruption. I was picked as the leader to choose other
people because I am from a rich family.
That’s the same story with Brenden. So ever
since, we have been in the confraternity and
nothing more. We fight against cult groups
who are in their hideouts waiting to outnumber us before coming out from their
hideouts. But we have information about the
white dragons, black birds, dragon cats,
depressed tigers, and wild wolves. They
have not made any move yet that’s why we
are still calm. Me:what the heck! Those groups must be
wicked. I mean look at their names.(sitting on
the bed). What about rock angels and
sparkle stars?
Preston:those are girls stuff. Only girls
confraternity will deal with them. But we have none yet and if they do anything illegal we will
Me:what’s the WE In it? Preston:its not the
P.P or B.B alone there is L.L and U.U and
some others
Me:L.L and U.U. what’s their meaning? Preston: (laughing) Legal Lords and Unique
Me:wow!(I just sat there thinking of the T.N
too bad mine was not in rhymes)
Presley:what about you? Tell me about
yourself. *Readers please notify that these names
aren’t real. Its just a story that needs many
stuffs to make it more real. Do not criticize
the writer as a fake. At least get the
message and learn from the lesson.*
Me:uhmmm. My name is Milly brandez. The only daughter and child of my parents. My
mum is late. And I live with my grand
parents. My father is out of the state for
Preston:hmmmm. Brandez you say? Sorry
about your mum Me:yes brandez. Its okay about my mum I
don’t want to cry
Preston:nothing. Its just I have heard that
name somewhere
Mecurious) where?
Preston:oh now I remember in worldwide news. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 19, 2016 — 3:14 pm

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