Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 34


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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He was about inserting it when he looked at me
Preston:are you sure?
Me:just go on. Please don’t stop even if it hurts
Preston:okay. But please don’t cry even if it hurts
He slowly and gently inserted it. I gripped the sheets hard. I thought it wouldn’t hurt but it still hurts. I squeezed my face and closed my eyes to bear the pain. He noticed it and he reduced his pace from gentle and slow to more gentle and slow. Then the pain was dying slowly and I opened my eyes
Me:just go on. I am fine
His pace was now fast and that sound like pta pta pta pta was now what I heard. Hr went on faster and faster. I moaned quietly and still closed my eyes. He was about to Pour when he came out of me and cummed on the bed. I was very weak and thought so this is how S£x is and some people want to kill their selves hmmm what a world. I was very weak on the bed. I checked again and saw blood but it was much it just covered a round spot.
Preston:(still on the bed) are you okay?
Me:yeah but weird
Preston:everybody feels that way after breaking their virginity
Preston:and I am happy I broke yours. Am so proud of you
Me:(Smiling) thanks
We left the bed and went to the bathroom. I was able to walk like before by now. We took our bath together and dressed together. He wore red and white and I wore orange and lemon. I finished dressing before him so I took a leg of his shoes and ran out of the room so he would chase me
Predton:hey! Bring back my shoe. Be careful you might fall down
Me:catch me if you can!
Preston:alright then
He ran after me and caught me when I was already standing near his car
Me:(breathing heavily) so you were running with a pair of shoe on huhhhh dirty dirty boy(I laughed)
Preston:and all thanks to you
I gave him his shoe and he wore it. As I was about going back to the house,he drew my left hand and I twirled and fell on body. My body was on him and his was on the car.
Preston:do you know I love you?
Me:hmmmm, really? How much?
Preston:enough to make me die for you
Me:and leave this beautiful life?
Preston:yes. What about you?
Me:as a truthful person I love you enough to make me disown my father but can never die.(I laughed)
Preston:funny. Okay then. I am very sure you will also die for me.
He kissed me which I responded to. We were still kissing until somebody opened the gate. It was Miranda. She was crying and breathing heavily.(I ran to her)
Me:what’s the matter Miranda?
Miranda:(she looked at me and at the same time looked at Preston) Presley is battling in campus and he sent me to call you since you haven’t been picking up

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 20, 2016 — 2:52 pm

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