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Miranda: their clothes had wolves at the back
Preston:okay. Get into the car.
He went inside to bring the car keys while I consoled miranda. He came out and we all entered into the car and sped off.
We got to campus and saw Presley and other p.p members shooting at other people. They wore black entirely except from the white wolves at the back of their shirts. Immediately Preston took out a gum from the locker inside the car. The campus was rough students everywhere hiding. Some crying and running helter skelter.
Me:please be careful
Preston:I will be safe for you(he kissed me and left the car)
I and Miranda stayed in the car. Immediately preston got there he shot one of their rivals. It was five against three now. The p.p was five and the wolves were just three. There was enormous gunshots and dodges until the remaining three were shot from the behind. It was the b.b who had shot them from behind. Brenden had a raffle on his right shoulder with right hand supporting it. And his left hand was in his pocket. He was in front of the rest boys. His boys had pistols tucked in their pencil trousers. They were so cute and gallant. The way they walk and expressed themselves was kind of unique.
I and Miranda came out of the car to meet the p.p as soon as the gunshots stopped and the school became calm once again. As soon as Miranda got to Presley she kissed him as if her life depended on it.
Miranda:thank God you are safe
Presley:you worry too much
Presley walked to preston who was smiling at them
Presley:DON na where you put your phone I don call am almost sixteen times yet no response
Preston:abeg nor vex me nor know where I put the phone self. And it is on silent
Presley:just get luck say nothing do my bae if not I for sue you personally
Me: what happened?
Presley: well a member of w.w came to woo miranda while I went to bring her books from the class she didn’t talk to him instead he slapped her. Seeing that made me angry. I went to him and punched him. He raised his shirt showing me his gun u also raised mine showing him my gun. So he decided to control his gang here
I Also called mine but Preston didn’t pick my call so I called the ones I could reach. Thankfully none of us got shot.
Me:hmmm so miranda you are the cause of all these. Hmmm your level is now floating on the sea o it will not sink again. Well thank God all of you are okay. If something had happened I don’t know how I would have comforted miranda.(we all laughed).
Then brenden walked in.
Brenden:presley I hope the leader of the w.w followed them here?
Presley:no he didn’t. Why?
Brenden:if I catch him I will divide him
Brenden:he has been telling Cassey my movements. I wondered how both of them got so close
Presley: she is your girlfriend na so she is supposed to know your movements
Brenden:yeah she is suppose to but not telling someone to monitor me. Milly we meet again. Today you were absent in class. Anything happpend?
Me: uhmmm. Nothing happened never mind
Brenden:then I hope you will accept my offer to take you home?
Me:No. I came with preston. So goodbye. I waved my hands at him.

To Be Continued…

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