Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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I left with preston leaving brenden behind. I felt so guilty. The other members entered a Volvo and left
Me:why does those members enters into another car and leave why not your car? Why not your house?
Preston:because they live in the main house. I sometes go there. I will take you there with me next time.
Me: okay(we entered into the car and drove out of campus)
Preston: miranda hope you are fine?(still driving)
Miranda:yeah I am okay.
Presley:chaiii! Look at how that idiot designed your face for me
Miranda:(crying) so you are telling me I am ugly for you
Presley: why the tears? No I was just joking okay
Miranda:(crying increased) but you said it
Presley: okay fine I am sorry.
Miranda:(suddenly changed into a happy mood) now that’s better.
I just looked at them laughed. We got to the house and everybody alighted from car.
Miranda:please you guys should go on I want to talk to Milly.
She dragged me from Preston’s side and pushed Presley to take my
My position.
Me:what is it?
Miranda: what’s all these drama?are you now Preston’s girlfriend?
Miranda:wow tell me nothing but everything. Did he do it?
Me:do what?
Miranda:you know na. Did he sleep with you
Me:uhmmm yes
Miranda: I knew it! That night you shouted I just felt it was it. So you are no longer a virgin?
Me: yes
Miranda: good you tried. So what about the girlfriend part?
I explained everything to her
Miranda:hmm brenden go cry tire.
We both laughed and went into the house. Miranda went straight and sat with Presley. It was as if their love was unbreakable. I also went to sit with preston. She exchanged glances with me smiling, I also did the same thing to her. It was it was 7pm already we all went into our bedrooms, took our baths and came back to the sitting room again. I rested my head on Preston’s shoulder and soon Presley and miranda walked into their room.
Preston:so tomorrow you will be going to class right?
Me:yeah. What about you?
Preston: yes I will. Am I
permitted to come pick you up?
Me:of course yes. That’s what boyfriends do right?
Preston:OK ma
Me:goodnight. I love you
Preston: sweet dreams. I love you too
I fell asleep on his shoulders as he played with my hairs.
It was 6:12am when I woke up. I didn’t see preston against I decided to look for him. I found him in the kitchen. I wrapped my hands around his waist and he turned back at me. I kissed him.
Me:good morning sunshine(we called ourselves funny names)
Preston:and also to you lollipop.
Me:wow this smells nice.(he was preparing toasted bread and orande fried eggs alongside with orange juice)
I didn’t bother to join him I left the kitchen and went back to the room. I rearranged the room and went to the bathroom to take my bath.

To Be Continued…

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