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Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 38


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

Brenden:wow you look beautiful today
Me:(no answer)
Brenden:what’s your problem?why avoiding me?
Me:please,please and please!its not by force to talk to someone who is being loquacious all the time.
Brenden:wow!interesting so you are now turning me into the bad guy right?
Me:I don’t care how you classify yourself in my life please just leave me be!
He was about to say something else before the lecturer came in. In 45mins lecture was over. Brenden kept disturbing me.
Brenden:you should be conceited that someone like me is interacting with you(shouting)
Me:huh!really? Then cease your words!I never asked for your interaction or companionship.
I left the class and went under a tree to wait for Preston. I waited over one hour but he didn’t show up. I switched on my phone to call him and j saw a message he had sent to me. The message went like this:
*my love I am deeply and sincerely sorry for not picking you up today. I had a message from my sister that my my father had a fatal accident and my presence was needed because nobody knows if he will be able to surviving the accident. I will make up to you when I come back. Please keep your love for me. I will always call you. I love you.*
After reading this message, tears rolled down my cheeks. I started crying uncontrollably under that tree not wanting to go anywhere at that point in time. 20mins later Miranda came to me.
Miranda:bae I have been looking for all over for you. What’s up why are you crying?
Me:Preston is gone he left me miranda, he left me
Miranda:even Presley. But don’t worry he will come back. according to Presley they will be back sooner than you think. Stop crying
We went to Preston’s house and stayed there for a week but nothing happened even class was boring and I had no story to say about the things being taught as brenden no longer came to class. We moved back to the hostel. Belinda derided and insulted us but we didn’t pay any attention to her. Life in the university was unbearable for me I thought of going back to Europe but it still wasn’t safe enough for me. I cried each day I thought of Preston. News flew by that brenden was out of school. According to some people he went to see pedrick park. Only I and Miranda were alone. Preston never called at all. Only Presley called miranda and also checked up on me with that medium. In whatsapp and other social medias I saw that Preston had blocked me. Presley one day called to tell us about Preston. According to him Preston now have a new girlfriend who came to visit his family all the way from Australia. She and Preston were childhood friends and both parents are planning for their wedding.
I couldn’t help it but cry all day. What Pained me most was that he took away my pride. Preston later sent me a text that I should leave him alone because I texted him a lot and called him uncountably. He insulted me ad being a fake and a s–t. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I cried always. Miranda was always there for me. My eyes was now red and I was becoming thinner. I fainted every hour and 30mins and being stressed out like that for the first time In my life…

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 22, 2016.

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