Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 43


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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The kiss only lasted for 1 minute. He looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said…
Brenden:I really love you. Lately I figured out that I didn’t only like you because my feelings for you was more than like and I didn’t only wanted you to be my friend but my girlfriend. So please I am begging you stop shutting me out like that. I really mean well for you. Please.
Me:I am sorry for being rude. I was just angry and bitter.
Brenden:don’t apologise. I understand what you are going to through(smiling)
Me:how? What exactly do you understand am going through?
Brenden: do you actually think I will sit back and watch you and Preston being like that? Of course not! I got you monitored.
Me:what?!! Do you have any idea how much I hate being monitored?
Brenden:sorry if you do but what Preston did was unforgivable. I mean deflowering you and then leaving you just like that like a used trophy…….. Its very unforgivable. It was as if he planned it (smiling wickedly). Me:do you think it’s a joke?(I freed myself from his grip with tears in my eyes). Just leave me alone!
I went to my girls. All of them stood until I passed them stayed in the front followed by Miranda. Brenden was still coming towards me when Anita and Vanessa blocked him. The girls brought alongside two hummer jeep classic. An orange coloured and lemon coloured jeep. I and Miranda entered the orange coloured jeep with Cassey driving and carley,Joan and Bernita. The rest girls entered the other I had no idea on how they sized the car.
Soon we got to the house. It was like a family house. It was very big and beautiful. Unknown to me that brenden followed us to the house. He didn’t show his face but I do know his car. It stopped ant the gate and then sped off. Miranda was smiling and felt as if I didn’t trust her by not telling her all these things about me. I could see questions written all over her face. As soon as we entered into the house, Melissa turned and looked at me
Melissa: Well this is your house(giving me the keys)
Me:then where are you guys gonna stay?
Melissa:we will just stay in the duplex at the back. That’s your father’s instruction SK we won’t disturb your privacy as you hate it very much.
Me: okay. Really, thank you very much
Melissa:don’t mention we should be the ones thanking you. If you need us just press this button(showing me a lemon and orange coloured button on the wall). If you press it, we will hear the sound in our apartment.
Me:wow okay
Melissa: okay then. We will only follow you to the university if you want us to. But call us when you need our assistance in the university.
Me: of course.(I hugged her and pecked her cheek same I did with the rest girls and they left leaving me and question lady alone in the big house).
Miranda:wow. Mistress. You are also a cultist? I can’t believe it you acted so genuine.(feeling betrayed almost crying).

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 24, 2016 — 6:54 pm

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