Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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We slept like couples. We curdled each other as if we were long lost sisters. It was in the morning around 6:25am. Both of us got up from bed and went straight to the kitchen. We prepared jollof rice and salad. Then we went to the bathroom and came out together. We dressed up together. I gave her orange and lemon clothes to put on. I called to check on my girls they were fine and still training.
Me:uhmm, Melissa can I take one of the cars along?
Melissa: oh I forgot to tell you. Both are yours
Melissa:yeah. Its your choice on which one to use. Today we will be getting extra cars for ourselves.
Me:okay. Thank you
Melissa:its okay. Take care of yourself and miranda
Me:I will.(I hung up).
I and miranda dressed up and left for class with the orange jeep. We got to campus. It was a new beginning I said to myself. Preston will suffer for suffering me then again I thought can I really stand to see preston suffer? I hugged miranda as she left for her department. I entered and went straight to my seat.
Brenden: oh hi. Sorry about yesterday. I couldn’t help it
Me:for cry out loud brenden… Awwww… Leave me alone! I don’t like you and I don’t think I can ever like you. Our relationship cannot exceed friendship. We can only be friends and nothing more(raising my tone on him)
Brenden:tell me what can I do to earn your love?just tell me(before I could say a word he snatched my face and kissed me deeply in front of those nosy classmates I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and respond to the kiss. Just as I opened my eyes when brenden was done kissing me, I saw Preston looking at me. He was standing with that foreign idiot. I looked away and looked at brenden. I smiled at brenden to simply make preston jealous. Brenden Smiled back unaware of the reason I was smiling. Preston eyes turned red all of a sudden. He didn’t even notice when the lady was calling his attention. I just continued smiling at brenden as if I was happy being with him or as if I was brenden’s girlfriend but I don’t know how Preston pictured it. As for me it was to make him jealous which I succeeded in doing).
Brenden:so is that a yes?
Me: (smiling) hell no!(putted on a serious look)
Me:(preston left the doorpost with the lady. I wondered if he takes the idiot everywhere he goes). Look brenden the fact you get the slightest and little opportunity to kiss me doesn’t mean I will like you. Get that into your head. And please stop kissing me I don’t like it.
Brenden:so you can never love me?
Me:look you are a sweet guy and all that. I can’t love you so please go and stick with Cassey. She loves you very much.
He didn’t say anything I could see betrayal and anger in his eyes. He didn’t say anything until lecture was dismissed. He silently and angrily walked out of the class without saying a word to me. I walked out to where my car was. I called miranda so we could go out for the shopping. Soon she came and we left. We bought many things. Clothes,Makeup kits,shoes,jeweleries name it. We bought things worth laying a foundation in the village. I bought her new Apple laptop and a tablet phone, We got home tired but had fun. I saw three SUV cars as we got home. I smiled and went inside with miranda.

To Be Continued…

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