Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 47


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

Before we slept I called on everyone to check up
them including my dad. They were all good. We
eat that night as we had already eaten in a fast
food before coming home. I and Miranda did some
playing,joking and laughing before we fell
The next day we did as usual. We went to class
was no difference from the other days except it was
September 14 Miranda’s birthday. I did t wish
happy birthday in the morning so as to let her
think I
had forgotten. I had my own surprise for her. I went to the university authorities, I paid her fees
everything till the end of her stay in the
university. Her
project fees was as well taken care of.
Everything was done. I bought her a pink coloured hummer
classic like mine. Money talking if course. Later
day she was called by the authorities that a
helper had taken care of her university bills. She came out of
the authority’s office with tears in her eyes
amidst joy.
I was behind her. held her shoulders from
behind. She
quickly wiped her tears. Mirandah you scared me(sniffing)
Me:come on I want to show you something. I
took her with me to where I parked the two
Miranda:yes this is your car. Do you want to take
me home?(showing a bit of anger maybe because I
wish her a happy birthday)
Me:of course not. What do you see close to my
Miranda:a pink coloured car like yours. As she turned to face me I was already holding the
keys and shaking it in the air.
Me:happy birthday. You thought o forgot right?
Miranda:yeah and I was getting angry with you.
thank you(hugging me over and over again crying)
Me:its okay. You are welcome Miranda:wait a
minute,,,,,don’t tell me you are the
helper that took Care of my fees?
Me:well I don’t know what to say. Its just a
token of my love for you. Don’t even mention.
She stared at me with tears dropping from her
making me cry also. Miranda:I don’t know
what to say
Me:you don’t have to say anything She hugged me tightly. I gave her the keys and
insisted I entered the car with her. She drove to
fro and came down from it.
Miranda:you even processed my papers 
Me:yeah of course. You couldn’t be driving without a
Miranda:God bless you
Me:Amen ooo
Miranda:I won’t be staying home tonight.
Me:why? Mirandaresley decided to host a party without my
notice and a party can’t be done without the
So I am inviting you.
Me:you know I can’t go. I don’t like parties
and I don’t want to see the p.p
Miranda: yeah I know. I am sorry for leaving you
alone tonight
Me:its okay I will survive
Miranda:but I will follow you home oo. Preston
will come pick me up later
Me:that’s great then.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 26, 2016 — 8:14 pm

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