Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 48


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

I entered my car she entered hers and we left
together and went home. When I was in my car I
thought of how preston deflowered me and all
he did
to me. Instead of me to cry I smiled I didn’t
know the reason for the smile. We got home together went inside freshened up
cooked. Soon we ate and started plating music
dancing together until we were tired. It was a
memorable birthday indeed. At about 8pm
Presley came to pick miranda. She was dressed up like a
Presley:so you are not coming?
Me:nah. Just enjoy yourselves okay?
Miranda:we will. Thank you and take care of
yourself. Me:I will
Presley:are you sure you are not coming?
Me:presley I am not coming okay?
Presley:okay ooo
They left and I locked the door and went to bed. I
forgot to turn the music off but I didn’t care after all it
was my house. I lied on the bed and thought of
brenden. Was I being rude to him? He didn’t
come to class that day. Was it because of what I
told him? I
became guilty but my thoughts dragged me to sleep.
I woke up when I heard a loud long knock on the
door. I went to the sitting room and the music
already finished playing and it stopped.
Me:who is there? I thought may be it was Miranda then I looked at the
time it was 10:30pm. Miranda’s birthday party
be quick like this I thought. Even if it closed early
I am
sure presley took her with him. But who can this be? I
was still thinking until the knock came again
than before I was shocked on hearing the knock.
Me:who is there?
Still no response. I couldn’t allow the knocking continue so I opened brenden. Alas I saw
brenden in a
drunk state. He entered into the house by
himself, be
was looking dangerous I guess being in a drunk
state makes a man reveal his real self. He saw the
plasma TV on the wall and the stop symbol. He
took the
remote from the table at the centre of the sitting
and pressed play button. The music started all over
again. He was so angry seeing me at that
that I didn’t even dared asked him how he
passed the
gate. I was so dumbstruck and lost in thoughts like what was he planning on doing and why did
he turn
on the music. I was still thinking until his loud
came crashing on my ears like ice.
Brenden:how dare you!in all I have done for you to
make you like me. I came early to class,I try my
to look friendly. But you turned me down even
without a second thought. You so much looked
down on me to the extent you even embarrassed me
other day. You gave preston everything even
pride without him going through all these. What
exactly do you want me to do? Since the day I saw
you I can’t help but to think of you always.
What exactly do you want?(he was shaking my
with his two hands)
Me:Brenden look calm down. I only said we can be
friends okay?so please stop this you are scaring
Brenden:don’t you get I don’t want you to
just be my
friend but my girlfriend(shouting) Me:please stop all these. I can’t force my heart to love
you. So please stop this drama
Brenden:exactly. Maybe I know what will make
relationship work.(he smiled wickedly)
Me:please you better stop what you have in your mind. I was scared because I was wearing just
my night
robe and nothing else not even a bra or pant.
Brenden:what? Are you scared? You you
scared when you did it with Preston. 
Me: (I was alarmed). Brenden please no,no,no,no,
that please I beg you. If you really love me
don’t do what you what you have in mind.
Brenden:yes I love you and that’s what am
about to prove.(the music was still playing and I
the button)
Brenden: I know after this night you will want
Me:no Brenden you are drunk and if you do this to me
I will hate you for the rest of my life.
Brenden:don’t worry I am sure you will love
me and
one more thing,, I am not drunk.
He chuckled and was walking towards me. Whenever
he takes a step ahead I take two steps behind.
Suddenly he dragged me into the passage.

To Be Continued…

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