Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 50


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Brenden:you are so much better than other girls I have tasted even cassey. Me:I hate you. I pray you perish in hell. Brenden:come on babe don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy anything Me:I cause the day I met you. Get out of my house. I hate you. You b—–d. Leave me alone. Brenden:you called me a b—–d? Me:you are even more worse than that. Leave me alone. He came to me slapped me the the same way he did earlier and entered me again widened my kegs and entered me again. He banged harder and faster. He didnt c-m on time. He continued and soon he came out of me and c-m on the floor. He stood up and wore his clothes ready to leave Brenden:whoa. Now don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy one of those two rounds(he checked his watch) oh its 4 am already looks like i used hours in banging you but to be honest you are worth being banged the whole day. He laughed as he left leaving me on the floor crying and bleeding. I couldn’t stand so I laid in the floor and tied my robe to cover my unclothedness. Soon the day was brightening up gradually. My hair was very rough. I cried bitterly my phone rang but I ignored the call as it was far from me. I can never Forgive brenden not in this generation. I laid on the floor thinking.

To Be Continued…

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