Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Miranda:I am also confused. Milly has helped me
and I can’t bear to watch her suffer
Presley:she must hate Preston so much but I
have no choice. He ran out of the house and drove his car
Miranda was shouting his name but he refused to
answer. I slept off.
In Preston’s house
Preston:guy why you leave me for the party na? Presley:see ermm I nor come here about that
party just come with me right now?
Preston:watin dey sup na why all these
Presley:abeg you go follow me or not?(shouting)
Preston:okay,okay make we dey go thank God say I
never pull my clothes
Laura:(she walked in) baby what’s going on(in
a foreign tone)
Preston:I will be ba…..(presley cuts in)
Presley: what? Can’t you stay on your own? Are you
still a baby? Aren’t you ashamed of following
around like honey and bee? Why are you
him as if you are his car keys? Laura:I didn’t ask you so shut up and tell that to your
Presley:your father! If I slap you one day,your
will be intact. Nonsense
Laura:baby you are watching this…..this thing insult
me this way(tears forming in her eyes she ran
into the room Preston was about following when
presley held
him back)
Presley:u nor go leave that spoilt brat alone? must you
even doe follow her? If you nor maintain now I
nor go
hesitate to slap you. Na so foreign people lives
be and
the day wen I go slap her eh she go know say naija nor be Australia.
Preston:but joke level down , where are we
Presley:if you want to know follow me if not you
go and meet that butterfly Back in my house
I was shivering and had a hot temperature by
the time Miranda entered the room
Miranda:OMG.please this shouldn’t lead to
sickness o.
Melissa would notice in no time and maybe your father will find out. What are we going to do
Me:I don’t know. I have never experienced
such in my
entire life. Miranda went into the bathroom and
brought out a bucket of cold water and a towel, she went to
fridge and brought out ice. She pressed my
with the towel after squeezing out the cold
water in it then she gave me ice to lick. This went on for
minutes until the door opened and I saw preston
and presley come in.
Presley:please Milly take it easy font get mad at
me for bringing him here. Put away the anger you
for him.
I was speechless without knowing the reason.
Preston was looking confused and when I looked
at his eyes eyeball to eyeball, I saw tears welled up. He
came to me and sat on the bed
Preston:what happened to you?
Preston: just tel me what happened(I couldn’t
help but cry) Me:I am sorry if this will hurt you but I have
no choice
but to tell you. I tried my best but
Preston:just tell me what happened!
Me:I..I..I..was raped
Preston:(eyes opened wide and surprised with anger
in his eyes. His eyes suddenly turned red)
what!!! By who?? How?? When and where??????

To Be Continued…

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