Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 53


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

Me:by Brenden(crying)
Preston:I knew that b—–d was up to something
way he was kissing you. Tell me how it
happened.(I told him everything) Preston:well I am sorry for
all that happened. Accept
my sympathy. I will advice you to stop crying
and face
it! This is not the first time someone’s slept
with you. You will pull through but that shouldn’t have
made you
used Presley so you can see me.
Me:what??? Preston:you want me to feel guilty
for what Brenden
did to you even when you enjoyed it?you want me to
feel guilty right?(he kissed me roughly)there! I
just felt
guilty. This should be the last time you will ever
me to see you. U am a busy person so don’t think I will
have time to spare for you. As far as I know you,
you are from my past. I figment of my
imagination. I have
to go my girlfriend must be hell bored and
waiting for me.
I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say.
He just
worsened the whole issue. I wept uncontrollably
Miranda broke the silence Miranda:even if she was raped twice in the spaces of
five hours?
Preston:it was even two rounds and you are
trying to
convince me you enjoyed none?
Miranda:please stop all these!could you be this heartless? Preston:heartless is an
Miranda:even when you broke her virginity
taking her
pride away?
Preston:hmmmm, does breaking her virginity makes
me indebted to her?come on we both enjoyed it.
Milly? I didn’t know what to say neither did I
know where
the strength came from I took my car keys and ran
out of the room crying. I entered into the lemon
and drove out unaware of where I was heading
to. I
just needed to be alone at that moment. I hated preston the more. His words were as if he was
also raping me. I was still in my robe. I stopped
at a small
boutique luckily my ATM was inside the car. I
used it
to pay for the dress and entered into the car again. I
continued driving crying at the same time also
thinking of what both of them have done. I was
of driving so I came back home. I parked and
came down from the car. That was about when Preston and
Presley were about leaving. They came out of
car as soon as they saw me.
Preston:Presley come inside and let’s go
Presley:guy free me first Miranda:(holding my hands)are you okay? I hope
you are fine?
Me:yes I am. Miranda I want to tell you
Miranda:am all ears
Me:you know we both have different fate and destiny
in this life. All what happened were bound to
Even if we separate now, life will still be in
favour for us
Miranda:come on you are scaring me. Tell me Me:I am sorry to say this but i am leaving, I am
Miranda:(she left my hands)back as in?your
grandparents house or where? Me:I am going
back to Europe to continue my life there Miranda:what! And leave me alone here? You
the reason I made no other friends. Look I know
you are going through but please let’s
graduate together first please.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 31, 2016 — 6:49 pm

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