Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 54


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

Me:stop it stop begging me. I really want to
my life back there. There I will know someone
will love me for who I am will find me. My endeavors
here in Nigeria is over. Miranda:please now
Preston:miranda leave her alone let her go back
her root. You have presley to take care of you. She is
such a w—e and now she wants to flirt after
raked. Even Belinda is more better off than her..
Hearing that brought me back to my senses I
hated being compared to someone. I lost control and gave
preston the hottest slap my right hand could
Preston:what!!did you just slapped me?
Me:no I just rubbed your cheek. Say one more
stupid word out of that useless mouth and I will send
upon you tonight. Yes you are right I enjoyed the
Molest..oh no my bad it was s-x actually. The
and groans were just too exciting. Guess what… His
hangings were just the right pace I needed. His
manhood was even more strong and larger than
yours. He was a great sexist more better than
you in
bed. So stop making jest of your pathetic self and go home to meet your spoilt brat.(he was
speechless I
could see jealousy and anger in his eyes. I faced
Me:Miranda don’t worry I will stay here till we
graduate. She was so happy she hugged
Preston:hahahahahha whoooaaah look at your
preston its going to explode. Man!she got you!
What a
blast. Enter the car joor I want to go home or wont
you follow me to go and meet your girlfriend eh?
preston I want to go o.
I and miranda entered the house and they drove
out and left. I felt more like a winner. I and
miranda did a lot of discussing and so on we ate, bathe and
went to
I kept having nightmares of the Molest but I
managed to
sleep that night. The next day I couldn’t go to lecture
so I stayed at home. I had to force miranda to go
because she was ready and determined to stay
me that day.
Miranda:are you sure of this? Me:yes I am so stop bothering yourself and leave
Miranda:okay o but don’t run away o! Me:funny
but I won’t do that I gave you my word
when I said I was staying
Miranda:okay. See you later. She pecked me and left. I went straight to bed
dozed off. Soon the door was shaking because
one was knocking the life out of it. I was scared
now but I still decided to open if. I opened the door and I
heard a female voice
Cassey: what a nice hideout you have got here.
Me:what are you doing here and how did you
my House? Cassey: hmmm forget about that jamb question.
As far as the p.p and b.b knows this house, then
the entire
campus knows it as well(she slapped me)
Me:how dare you! What was that for?
Cassey:for letting my boyfriend break up with me and
for sleeping with him as well
Me:your boyfriend actually raped me so what
are you saying?
Cassey:stop lying you s–t!I know you seduced
him with your tiny evil Satan dedicated body and you
going to pay for it!
Cassey:just watch us those girls who saved you
before aren’t here remember? Me:now let’s see about that(I quickly reached
out for
the button and presses it).

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 1, 2016 — 9:39 am

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