Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 55


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

In not more than 20secs Melissa and the girls
walking towards us gallantly from my behind
finally stood at my front facing cassey and her
group Melissa:sorry miss. Are you lost?or do you have
a problem with our mistress?
Cassey:if you don’t want to get hurt then leave
Melissa:are you scared? If you don’t want to die then I
would advice you to leave this premises but if
insist on staying then you have to deal with us
first before our mistress
Cassey: it will be our pleasure. Girls let the fight begin.
Fight any soul standing before us!!.
The fight start started. Melissa really did a good
job in
punching Cassey’s face which got her mouth
bleeding. The rest girls were just like skeletons in front of
my girls. Only cassey had the strength to fight off
four lazy
girls at once but melissa was no lazy girl. She
more stronger than four girls together. My girls won
over them and they lied helplessly on the floor.
Melissa:hmmm I hope you are alright?
Me:yeah I am fine and you Melissa:always fine.
You haven’t been checking or
calling us to check up on you or to check up on us. I
hope you haven’t in any way forgotten about
Me:of course not. I switched off my phone
someone was disturbing me Melissa:okay but are you really fine? Me:yeah
Melissa:you look pale(she examined me)you look
someone who suffered under something and
cried a lot but since you said you are fine, its okay.
As they were about carrying cassey’s girls out
of the
sitting room, we heard a gunshot and the last
thing I heard was “you b—h” as I landed on
the floor. The gunshot was directed at me and it went straight
my belly.I saw blank as I fell down.
I was lucky to have opened my eyes but in the
hospital weak. I saw Miranda sitting on the bed
with me with a swollen eyes next to her was melissa
who stood Like a vigilante. At the chair almost at
the door I
saw Presley sitting
Me:hi (in a low and weak tone)
Miranda:OMG she’s awake(calling everyone’s attention in the room) Milly are you okay?do you
pains? Me:I am fine miranda. You cry too much
Miranda:why won’t I worry about when you
been in this room for three days without putting anything in your mouth and without moving your
Me:three days? But its okay I am fine. Melissa
what about you?
Melissa:yeah I am fine. As for cassey she is also
battling with her life right now and I haven’t told your
dad so save your energy I guess I have
your questions.
Me:thanks and please don’t inform my dad
Melissa:of course not I won’t Presley:are you sure your house is safe for you?
Me:why not presley?
Presley:because bad things have been
happening to
you lately in that house
Me:so what are you suggesting I do? Presley:I want you and miranda to stay in the p.p
Me:hell no!Preston will think I used it as a
medium to
see him everyday. I don’t want to
Presley:forget about Presley. Forget he even exist. He
is so obsessed with that girl. Me: and I don’t
want to get hurt everyday
Presley:just pretend to be happy always and
move on
with your life it will make him more jealous since he is
the jealous type
Me:what about my sisters?
Presley:as for the nobles,they can come visit you
anytime and you can call them anytime.
Me:okay but… Presley:no buts will you stop being stubborn for
I can’t watch Miranda suffer like this and its all
because of you. I can’t also watch you be like
when I know its because of Preston and I also supported you date Preston. So please for once
yourself a good choice that will benefit you and
around you.
Me:okay. I hope everything works out fine.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 1, 2016 — 9:41 pm

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