Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 57


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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Presley:please guys stop all these. You can take
love triangle elsewhere. Preston you brought
into this house, I didn’t complain at all. So
please I will appreciate it if you don’t complain in my
bringing Milly and miranda here. All is in my
treat. We won’t bother
both of you. And we can achieve this if you stop
calling her a s–t. We all know that you started it
with her.
Preston was speechless. He stood up and left the
sitting room heading for his room so did the toy
Me:thanks a lot presley. It seems he is afraid of
Presley:he knows what we’ve been through Me:hmmmm. Its 7pm already. Today was a
Presley:you are really strong. You survived a
in three days not all girls can do that some even die in the process
Me:I guess. Where will I be sleeping
Presley:the room opposite Preston’s. Don’t
everything’s inside
Me:okay. Thank you so much. Goodnight Miranda:are you sure you don’t need help?you
are wounded
Me:never mind I will survive
Miranda:(she wasaughing because prestley was
tinkling her their love play have started again).
I went inside the room and Locked the door. I arranged everything that belonged to me in the
room. I took my bath still with my bandage on. I
called to
check up on everyone and there were good
for miranda who was busy having her usual and normal meal from Presley.
I slept like a baby that night and woke up early
next morning. As soon as I woke up, I had this
eagerness to open my door which I did. As I
opened my door I saw preston walking out out his room
stopped on seeing me. On seeing him I eyed him
hissed then flung my hair and went inside my
room locking the door. I could see want and love in his
At least k felt happy making him like that. I
won’t let anybody step on me now not even
that foreign tiny
tweeny brat. I got dressed up first so I went to the sitting room
wait for miranda. Looking at the sofas in the
sittingroom,I remembered preston and thought
of his
first attempt of wanting to s-x me and later he told me if was because of Brenden. I couldn’t
help the
tears dropping from my eyes freely. I still loved
him I
knew he was doing the wrong thing but I still felt
there was something behind this relationship with
that laura. Something about connection. I was
thinking until miranda interrupted me
Miranda:babes how far?
Me:I am fine (I finally understood pidgin) Miranda:why the tears na?you want to make me
cry o
Me:its okay. I just thought of something
Miranda:okay o. Are you ready? Because I am
for class o or you are not going? Me:of course I will. I have been waiting for you to
come out from that room
Miranda:oya let’s go…

To Be Continued…

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