Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 58


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
(Facebook: Nisor Wonderfulamaya

We left for class and soon we departed to our
departments. I was afraid of entering my
but soon, I summoned the courage. As soon as I
entered, Brenden was there in his seat. I just felt uneasy that moment. I didnt look at him. I went
straight to my seat and sat down
Brenden:hey there how are you?
Me:(no response)
Brenden:don’t tell me you are still angry over
that little thing we both enjoyed? Me:(no answer but his
word made me cry silently)
Brenden:I know you still want more but
Me:(I couldn’t take it anymore) will you just
shut up! I
don’t know how to explain the hatred I have for you
right now but shut up. I don’t want to see or
talk to
you again. I hate you!! Brenden:you hate me
huh? You know making your life
in this university a nice stay or a dead one depends on
me. I can make this place a living hell for you
Me:(chuckling) good for you then. When your
bragging and fooling around,let your sick head
know. The lecturer came and taught. His lessons
entered and stayed in my head some how .
lessons was over and
it was time to go home since I had no other class.
Miranda and presley went out together. I drove
to the p.p house instead.
When I got there,I heard screams and shouts.
were fighting. I didn’t go inside instantly I
decided to eavesdrop
Laura:I am tired of this d–n relationship without s-x.
Back in Australia I had s-x more than j wanted
Preston:then go back to your d–n Australia. I
love you and can never love you
Laura:I hate you and your mannerless friends!!. D–n you and your family you are no real man!!
Preston:to hell with you,your father and your
goddamn money we don’t need it!
Laura:really??your father needed it. That was
the reason he called my father and begged him. Hearing your wretched father begged that way
made me had pity on your deformed and
devastated family
Preston:and you think your family is any better.
you forgotten that my dad placed your f—–g dad in
Position he is right now?do you have any f—–g
Laura:I don’t give a bullshit!I think I am fed up
and I
Want to leave this boring and stupid house! I am going back to Australia. I have called both
fathers and I
have withdraw from the plan I am no longer
Preston:to hell with you. I don’t need your
stupid assistance from your hopeless family
Laura:look there little boy!my family and yours
who has more hope? Come on answer me. Your
family has
1% over 100% hope left. Don’t forget that with
the snap of my fingers and twinkle of an eye, your
can be s—-d out of the little money they have to
brag with
Preston:I just hate you and your ugly family. I
don’t want to ever see you. Laura: (laughing) oh my dear don’t also forget
that you
aren’t attending classes because your
family can no longer afford your fees
Preston:if you don’t leave here I will kill you!. Laura:wow!painful right? I also pity you. Your
father’s medication might have stopped by
now. And that’s.
Because you are not man enough
Preston: you know what if you don’t leave
right now,I will leave this house for you (I was dying to see
face by now)
Laura: never mind stay in your ugly house I am
leaving already.
I just imagined in my mind laura is leaving just like
that? I was happy but I still needed to teach
Preston a
serious lesson. Even both of them arguing, I had
than enough to shut their mouths when it comes to
money. I heard footsteps approaching the door. I
ran from the doorpost to the corner of the house.
Soon I
saw laura dressed up with a luggage and
entered her car. She left at once. As I went to the door about
opening it I heard…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 3, 2016 — 12:26 pm

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