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Preston: hello dad
Preston:yes we broke up. I can’t stand her
anymore. I
am tired of being the one always used in this
family to
provide money. What did you do with all your money? You see the mistake you have done? You
your own money on Laura’s dad. Now look at
dad if he is willing to help you. Laura and I have
been quarrelling for days now(I was surprised)
Preston:I am tired of all these. I don’t care
ask h to pay you back your money. Right now,I
have to work so I can afford my fees.
Preston:wealth is nothing to me dad. I am fed up! Because of you I lost track of my academics and
at the
same time the woman I love. I can’t afford to
anything again. Please I will appreciate it if you
all leave me alone for a while. Preston:you won’t
die. You better fight for your life. At
least the money I worked as a result of dating
laura is
in my account I will send it in no time.I will sort
out something before the money gets finished I will
appreciate it now if you all don’t bother my life
and let me think straight(he hung up) I didn’t
wanted him to suspect maybe I was
eavesdropping on him so I went to the car and blew
the horn as if I was just arriving. I went to the
door an
opened it but it was locked but when laura came
out it
wasn’t locked I reasoned or maybe he heard my horn
and locked it? I decided to knock. I knocked
thrice before he opened the door. I avoided eye
contact with
him and walked into the sitting room. I was
about going inside my room when he dragged me and
kissed me I didnt respond. I forced myself out of
grip but he held me strongly and continued
me. He pushed me on the sofa and laid on me. There I felt the pain of the bandaged area
Me:Preston please stop it you are hurting me(I
when he was staring at my face)
He didn’t listen he still continued kissing me. I
was fighting with him to stop but he won’t then the
opened knocker.Presley and Miranda. They saw
me struggling me struggling with preston an
they saw
Preston forcing himself on me Presley:OMG Preston what do you think you are
She is wounded for crying out loud
Miranda:preston what’s wrong with you why
do you
intend hurting her all the time? Preston stopped and sat on the sofa burying his head
on his palms. I managed to run into my room I
it and went to lie on the bed. I thought of what
happened. I was wondering maybe he missed me
that’s why he kissed me or maybe he was
about what conspired between him and laura. I
didn’t feel bitterness about what happened like
I did with brenden. I felt happy I was more happy that
and Preston caught him like that. Knocks came at
door I didn’t open neither did I respond to the

To Be Continued…

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