Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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I got late to class thanks to miranda. The lecturer didn’t scold me because I was new. I thought I was the only one late until someone came in. OMG! The guy was so cute and hot! He was wearing a white Y neck shirt on top of a jean that had a golden chain across the pocket. His watch and necklace was a shining gold and his shoes were coloured white and black(maybe airmax). He wore a black glass which he removed as soon as he entered into the class. His hair was shave thoroughly, it was shining black. He had a silver earring on his ear that was shining. Everything about him was shining.
I was lost I kept on staring at him while chewing my Pen’s cover until the lecturer interrupted and I maintained.
Lecturer: you are late again. Mr man
Guy: I am sorry it won’t repeat itself
Lecturer: that’s what you always say now I would appreciate it if you sit!
Guy he was getting angry but was good at controlling it) I said it won’t repeat itself so please will you stop moulding a house out from dry sand!
The lecturer said nothing. He faced the board again seemed he was drawing a human cell.

To Be Continued…

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