Must Read: The University Prestos… Part 60


Written by Nisor Wonderful.
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In Preston’s room
Presley: what did you think you were doing?do
know your reactions could have turned to Molest?
you know you the kind of suffering she’s suffered in the hands of you and brenden?after
all what you did
to her insulting her and showing her hatred? Do
even think she loves you after hurting her?what
about laura why didnt you kiss her like that?
Preston:I broke up with laura. She might
probably be
in an hotel booking a flight to Australia
Presley:why? Sbebi you loved her before?
Preston:I don’t love her. Remember when we went to
my parents house when my father had a fatal
accident, be made a bargain with Laura’s dad
so he
could assist us with money to take care of his
hospital bills and to raise out family back to it’s
standards. Because my father has been giving
his money to
Laura’s dad in helping him to maintain a job
when he
leaves the house of assembly Presley:and that bargain was for you to marry
Preston yes(tear fully) I couldn’t disappoint my
let alone watch him die. I felt guilty for all that
happened to Milly but was too scared to show it because if laura had suspected something that
be the end of the bargain leaving my father to
Presley:and you thought kissing her against her
wish will show the guilt you felt
Preston:I don’t know I was confused. I also
missed her badly. I really love her. But I don’t
know where to
start now I really don’t want her suffer again.
Presley help me with this one please
Preey:bro. I can’t I would love to but I just
can’t you
had your first chance with my assistance but you
blew it up. I don’t want to risk this again she
has suffered enough Preston:please believe me I would never hurt
again. I have made everything clear to my
There won’t be a barrier or destruction
Presley:look you have to make the moves and I will
only encourage her. That’s the least I can do
Preston:thank you. I only hope she takes me
Presley:she would have but you Just worsened
issues by doing what you just did.
Preston:I am so stupid
Presley: are you just knowing that? Guy abeg I
need to
go see miranda. Back in my room
Miranda:come on Milly please open the door na. Please
Me:miranda go am fine
Miranda:please na please. If you don’t open
this door
and you later do I will not talk to you and I will
give you everything you have given to me. Me:is that a threat?
Miranda:I am serious
I opened the door and she entered inside. She sat
me on the bed
Miranda:I hope you are not hurt?is your lips injured? Me:I am Fine nothing to worry about. I
just hate him
Miranda:haha. Its too early to hate someone I am
he did it for a reason. Preston is not like that
I told her all what happened between him and laura
Miranda:no wonder I have not seen the witch
Hmm Preston’s family must be hell in need
right noe Me:what are you suggesting?
Miranda:well I suggest you go back to him an sort
things out since we know the reason now.
Me:I don’t know I will think about it. But I am
not sure
he has hurt me enough Miranda:forgive him and everything would be
fine sooner than you think.
Presley came in
Presley:how are you doing?
Me:I am better its as if nothing happened
Presley:uhmmmm. I just wanted to plead on Preston’s
behalf he already told me the reason Me:about
Laura’s family and his family?
Presley: how did you know that?
Me:I eavesdropped on them before Laura left
Presley:wow!now we all know the reason can’t you
give him a second chance? We both know you
help him out and his family Me:yeah I can. But he
almost raped me. I feel like I am
being used here to settle their s-x thirst Presley:he loves you very much. Please just give
a second chance. He missed you that was why
he did
what he did earlier. Please forgive him he isnt
like that Miranda:please please and please…

To Be Continued…

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