Must Read: The Unknown… Episode 42

episode 42
Nicholas could feel the wave of anger deep
inside him. He had been wondering
continuously, why Anthony could have
followed the guy or why the Prince too
would be after Vivian! He was already tired
of running after vehicles every day, risking
his life. He was very blue in face as he
continued speeding up and maneuvering his
ways so he wouldn’t be seen.
He exhaled deeply and hit the steering of
the vehicle very hard. “Arrant nonsense!” He
exclaimed suddenly. He didn’t even know
how to go about saving Nicholas now. He
wasn’t certain if he wouldn’t break the
promise he had made to himself that he
wouldn’t kill anyone. The Prince was getting
on his nerves and he had to fire back!
Something just dropped in his busy mind.
The Prince might have been doing that just
because he wanted to get who The
Unknown was. He shrugged. “That might be
the reason, but I pray I don’t loose my
He kept his gaze on the car and kept going
too. He hadn’t tasted anything that day and
had been going around doing the work of his
name- The Unknown. He peeped at the back
seat when he noticed the road was free and
he could look elsewhere. He didn’t see his
mask on the seat. He shook his head
continuously and hissed aloud. “Henry>>!”
He remembered that he could be of help.
He wished he had gone home earlier. At
least, he would have taken Henry along and
perhaps taken his mask too. But if he had
gone home, would he have been around
when the Prince was taking Anthony away.
He still couldn’t fathom why exactly Anthony
followed them. “Was he drugged! That boy is
a sharp boy, he is sharper than all that is
happening!” He hit the steering again.
On and on, he continued following.
** ** **
“Doris, tell me, do you really think Nicholas
is The Unknown?” Craig asked Doris.
Doris shrugged. “I also don’t know. What I
can say is just that he is a suspect.” She
Craig swooshed out a long breath and sat
by the edge of his table. “The case that is
really wavering around now is this case.
Every Officer here would love to be the one
given this case to solve, so we really have
to do something fast.” He said.
Doris sighed. “Honestly, Craig. I think we
just need to take drastic steps.” She added.
“How? That is the ultimate question without
an accurate answer. A question I really find
so hard to get an answer to! How?”
“I really don’t know the answer to that
question too.”
“Yeah.” Craig shook his hand with
excitement. “I think I have an idea.”
Doris’ eyes popped more open. “An idea?”
She wondered, focusing more on him.
“Yeah. We can always send our guys to the
clinic where the woman that was shot is. I
think there’s a connection between that lady
and The Unknown. You know.. that lady was
kidnapped before, The Unknown brought her
to the station, her only son was also
kidnapped before, The Unknown also
brought him here.”
Doris smiled faintly and nodded. “That’s
Craig was becoming sure of himself. He
stood from the edge of the table and
walked to a side of the office, nodding
continuously. “That is what we have to do.
When we have our guys surrounding that
region, then I think whenever he comes
around, he might be noticed.”
“But Craig, do you think he will come there
when he sees the officers? This man in
question is unknown as his name implies.
We don’t know him! If he comes to the
hospital and goes in as if he’s there for a
treatment, are we gonna know?”
Craig thought on that for a while. “That is
really true. But, according to Nancy, Nick is
The Unknown, I think we should just focus
our attention more on Nick, then.”
“Hmmn.. Since he’s a suspect, right?” She
He shrugged. “Sure.”
Just then, the office mobile phone rang.
Craig quickly reached for it as Doris stood
up. “Hello?”
“What? Kidnapped? Again? We are on our
way!” He simply stated and gazed at Doris.
“Another trouble! The lady’s son is missing
again. Start getting ready, let me go and get
more men to start getting ready too. We
need to move fast!” He ran out of the office
“That boy again!” Doris wondered as she
quickly reached for her mobile phone and
dialed Nicholas’ mobile number.
** ** **
Prince Edward’s guys already left the
hospital too when they noticed everyone
was already going up and down in search of
Nicholas was still after the Prince and his
accomplice when his phone rang. “This is
not the time for me to be picking up calls.”
He just said without reaching for his phone.
He didn’t even want to know the person
who might be calling him, he was just after
He began to wonder if the Prince would not
have suspected that he had been after him
for a while. He slowed down and let some
cars overtake him, He just made sure he
could still see his car as he was going too.
At least, the Prince or Osmond wouldn’t
know a car was after them that way.
His phone rang again. He felt if he picked
the call, he would surely be distracted. He
ignored it again and just kept on going.
** ** **
Victoria had been running helter-skelter
since she noticed Anthony had suddenly
disappeared. She had left him at the
reception and had gone in search of the
nurse that wanted to help her get the blood
donor the previous time. She hadn’t stopped
wanting to know who the donor was, so she
had been discussing with the nurse on how
she could help to get the file in the Doctor’s
Anthony who had seen one of Edward’s men
waving at him outside also stepped outside
to see who was waving. He know how much
Vickie wanted to know who the donor was,
so he felt that waqs might be the donor. He
had thought he could make Vickie happy by
getting her the donor, because of that, he
had to talk to a stranger again!
“Please, are you the donor?” He asked the
guy who had been thinking on how he could
take me away from the place.
The guy felt relieved. That was an avenue to
really get him. “No, I am not. Let me show
you who the donor is.” He replied him and
held his hand as both walked to the vehicle
together and was taken away.
Though, Vivian haven’t know about her son’s
disappearance, Vickie had been trying all
her best to make sure she found the kid
before she would get to know. As she had
been finding him for sometime now and he
was nowhere to be found, she had to raise
an alarm and quickly called Craig’s office for
help likewise.
She was already in tears, running around the
hospital. Thirty minutes after the call, the
officers arrived with Craig and Doris leading
** ** **
So it was even Osmond’s place they were
taking Anthony too! Nicholas thought as he
stopped his car and parked when he noticed
that Osmond rushed down from the Prince’s
parked car and rushed to a gate with key
with him, shivering as he was opening the
He stormed down from the car as soon as
the Prince drove into the house. He was
short of ideas amd reached for his mobile
phone. As he clicked on a button, he saw
two missed calls already. “Doris? What is
happening?” He wondered and dialed the
number back.
“Doris, what’s happening?” He quickly asked.
“Vivian’s son has been kidnapped again,
Nick. Where have you kept your mobile
phone before?”
“See, Doris. I think this is what will happen.
I followed the Prince who took Anthony. So,
I know where they are presently but I’m not
armed. I think I should call Craig and just
tell him I know where they’ve taken the
child too so that you guys can come and do
your work.”
“But I don’t want that, Nick. He already
suspects that you have something to do with
these people. If you call him again he’s
going to suspect you more. I just have to
step aside to speak to you now, he’s in the
hospital with others, making enquires and
interrogating.” She explained.
“Wow! See, Doris. I don’t think there’s a
choice now. I think that is what I have to do
or else he might harm this kid!”
“The Prince again, right? Alright, just call
him and let him know.” She replied.
“Alright, thanks.” He ended the call and put
a call through to Craig instantly.
** ** **
Immediately after Nicholas has called Craig,
he rushed to his car. There, he saw his
mask and his gun. He never knew they were
on the back seat but had drifted toward the
left door behind the driver. It was because
of their position he couldn’t see them while
he was driving the other time.
Should I just go now? He wondered as he
pocketed his gun and held on to his mask.
He walked to the gate and looked around.
He saw some vehicles driving by. When he
was sure there was no car coming again, he
masked himself quickly and made his way
to the fence. It was tall and the planted
flowers near the fence as ornamentals were
great obstruction for him.
He roughened his way to the fence and
jumped in. What if there’s dog? He
wondered as he bent and hastened his
footsteps to one side of the building. He
had hidden there when he heard sounds at
the gate and the gate opened. Prince’s men
had arrived also and entered into the house
to know what’s going on. “Just go and be
guarding the compound!” The Prince ordered
He had locked Anthony up and was getting
set to call Craig. He had gotten his mobile
number when he searched for him on the
internet. He already knew Craig, at least he
heard his name when he was still at the
station. He was the guy who didn’t want him
to be released.
“Hello, Mr Craig.” He said as his call was
Craig kept mum. He wondered who the
person could be. The voice wasn’t familiar
and that wasn’t the voice of The Unknown
“You are shocked, aren’t you? Anyways, I
don’t have much things to say. All I have to
say is that I have the son of the woman that
was shot by the Prince with me, that is if
you know. What I need is not a ransom but
just a mobile number.” He paused for a
while and laughed. “Shocked? I need the
mobile number of The Unknown. That is the
person I have business with, not you!”
“Gentleman, I don’t have any business with
him, why should I have his mobile number?”
He laughed aloud. “Don’t try to play smart,
Craig. Can you see that I have discarded the
‘Mr.’ before your name? I am going to kill
this boy!” He threatened and ended the call.
“Don’t send anything to him. At least, he
cannot kill the boy before we get there.”
Doris said to Craig.
Craig nodded. “Alright.” They continued with
their journey to where The Unknown had
told them to come to.
Doris just prayed all would just be well.
** ** **
Soon, Craig and his men got to House Five
as Nicholas had described. “This should be
the place.” He came down and stared at the
building. “Come on, guys.” He waved his
hand as a sign to them and the officers
rushed down from the two vehicles they
have brought.
They were putting on bullet proofs, ready to
face any war too. They got to the gate and
listened if they could hear anything. Craig
walked to the gate and paused. Suddenly,
he knocked softly. The gate was opened
slowly and one of the officers pushed the
gate with full force as they stormed inside
the building.
Craig had shot his gun into the air so the
guys could know they weren’t there for a
joking matter. That was their work, to risk
their lives!
The guys dropped their guns as
commanded, one even knelt down as soon
as he heard the gunshot. “Go in, guys.”
Craig ordered while some men still stood
behind. He walked looked around the
building and thought that there could be an
escape route in the house. “You all stay
right here.” He ordered as she started
parading the compound.
As he got to a spot, he noticed a shadow.
“Who’s there?” He questioned as he aimed
his gun and approached the opposite side of
the building. As he quickly turned to the
side of the building, he saw a masked man
almost jumping off the fence. “Halt!” He
exclaimed but the masked man never
He pulled his trigger right there and the
masked man jumped to the other side. He
was fulfilled that at least, he shot him
because he could see blood flowing down
the fence already. “Some guys should join
me!” He shouted as much as he could.
Nicholas had been shot by his arm already
and that had lessen his speed. He was
already in another house but managed to
keep running till he could jump over the
fence and into another house in pain and
agony. Blood was still flowing but he didn’t
care. Though, he knew they might use the
blood drops to trace where he had passed
but he cared less and kept on jumping till he
couldn’t jump the last fence again.
He was overwhelmed with pain. The officers
had started tracing him then, but he was
lying down on the floor near the last fence
that would lead him outside where he could
run away. He was weak already and was
breathing through his mouth but the officers
continued approaching…


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