Must Read: To Love And To Leave… Part 28

Written by Austin Blinks… If you missed part Twenty Seven, read it HERE!!!

“You’ll be discharged Tomorrow or the day after”
I almost shouted for joy when the doctor told me that. Hospital has driven me crazy, i hate it here and i just wanted to get out . I looked to my side and i saw my Mom smiling too. I’m glad She’s looked so happy.
Mrs. Martins: You heard that Omo mi? You are coming back home soon.
Me: i heard Mom! I can’t wait to be home.
Mrs. Martins: I just thank God that i didn’t lose you, my son.
Me: You have no worries anymore!
Mrs. Martins: Yes that was what i told Mr. Olatunji Adeleke but he still insisted on having the case investigated.
Me: (smiling ) You mean, My father?
Mrs. Martins: (looks down in disappointment )
Me: No Mom! Don’t give me that look, okay? I’m not angry. I’m just getting used to the idea that he’s truly my father ok?
Mrs. Martins: Okay my son.
Me: You still love him, don’t you?
Mrs. Martins: (looked up surprisingly ) Hey boy! I’m the parent here and you are the child, It’s my duty to do the “in love” counseling talk.
Me: Hahahaha! Just answer the question.
Mrs. Martins: Dolapo leave me o.
Me: Hahahaha…. this is soooo fun! You look like you’re 16years old now. I know you still love him. The real question is, what will you do about it?
Mrs. Martins: (sigh) Nothing! What can i do about it son? Absolutely Nothing! We’re not kids to say we would elope together or he’ll promise to leave his wife. No that can’t happen. We both just need to continue living our lives. You see my son, that’s an ironic truth about love, not all love have happy endings, some love dies, some love betrays, only few loves have happy endings because most love always leave, Yes my son, some love leaves okay? And that’s the kind of love that we have here.
Me: So…. both of you are just gonna love eachother and then leave eachother?
Mrs. Martins: Yes!
Me: What kind of a silly love is that?
Mrs. Martins: Hahahaha! silly? yes! but very very realistic and common.
A knock on the twice and Bidemi came in.
Bidemi: Good afternoon ma! ( kneels down)
Mrs. Martins: Afternoon Bidemi, How are you?
Bidemi: Fine thank you ma!….. Yes ma! Femi’s dad is outside, i think he’s paying some bills at that cashier side, he asked that i should tell you to come over there.
Mrs. Martins: Oh! Okay dear. Thank you.
Mom stood up, turning around to face me as i gave a mischievous smile and winking my eye.
Me: (cleared my throat) ehem ehem…hmm…. It doesn’t look like someone is loving and leaving o….. ehem…more like someone is loving and staying..
Mrs. Martins: (rolls her eyes and laughed) shut up your mouth there.
Me: Hahahahaha.
She closed the door behind her. Bidemi looked at both of us in confusion.
Bidemi: what was that about my Love?
Me: woh It’s nothing important but can i ask you something?
Bidemi: Ask me anything…..
Me: Will you ever leave Me ? Like you will still be in love with me but then you have to leave…
Bidemi: That’s crazy! Why would i leave you when i still love you??
Me: Exactly my point!
Bidemi: But if i believe, us being together would endanger your life, i would have to leave you. It’ll be for your own good.
Me: All ladies think the same. How would leaving me be for my own good?
Bidemi: Please Dolly-p i have missed you. Let’s just hug and hold hands and not talk much.
Me: Ok dear.
I shifted a little for her on the bed as she lays beside me, i wrapped my arms around her waist. We both lay still, lost in thought. I held her hands in mine and whispered into her ears….
Me: (whispering ) Don’t leave me
She tightened her grip on my hand, turned her face towards mine and whispered back.
Bidemi: (whispering ) I won’t. Never!
We kissed
There’s something about the boy he stabbed. He doesn’t understand it. He had never seen him in his life but at that moment when he stabbed him, he looked into his eyes and he was just lost. He’s 100% certain that the boy didn’t see his face but he saw the boy’s eyes and that had been taunting him for the past few days. He had gone to the hospital twice already, had opportunities to finish the job but still didn’t take it. There’s absolutely something about the boy that makes him wanna change his bad ways.
His phone beeped, it was an SMS from the Madam; it reads:
“The mother’s name is Mrs. Mary Martins, kill her too for #80,000 (Eighty thousand Nairas). Kill them both before the week runs out. Don’t disappoint me again. Madam”
He was angry, let out a thick smoke from the joint he was smoking. He was high as usual and angrily threw his phone up.
Luckily, the phone landed on his brother who was lying down on the mini rug. His brother shifted a little and gave out a snore as he continues his sleep. How can someone sleep so much like this he thought to himself, so he stood and gave his brother continous jerking as he screams his name.
“Michael…….Michael…….Idiot! Wake up and cook something for us jor! Don’t you know anything apart from sleeping ni??”
Michael stretched, cracked his knuckles and stood up.
Michael: Ooooh! Thank God my 6 weeks break is almost over. I will return to school and sleep whenever i want. My roommate Dolapo won’t disturb my sleep like you….
He hissed and went into the kitchen.

To Be Continued…

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