Must Read: To Love And To Leave… Part 34

Written by Austin Blinks… If you missed part Thirty Three, read it HERE!!!

Mr. Olatunji Adeleke was watching his favourite sport show on TV when Femi dashed in through the front entrance, interrupting him..
Femi: Dad! Some policemen are outside, asking for mommy.
Olatunji: Asking for Chioma? Let them in!
Before Femi reached the door, a man dressed in a white T-shirt and black jean trousers led two other uniformed policemen into the house.
Cop2:Sorry for the intrusion sir but We’re just here to do our job!
Olatunji: And  what job  might that be?
Cop2: The arrest of your wife, Mrs. Chioma Adeleke!.
Olatunji: Are you out of your mind?? What has she done? Why are you arresting my wife?
Cop2: Her name came up in our investigation of conspiracies to the murder Mr. Solomon “Solo” Ewabor and the attempted murder of Mr. Dolapo Martins. So if you will please, tell us where your wife is, we don’t have all day.
Before Olatunji could say a word, his wife, Chioma came through the kichen door. On sighting the policemen, the look on her face showed she wasn’t all that surprised to see them.
The two uniformed men started to move towards her but were promptly stopped by both Femi and Olatunji, who both stood in their path.
Cop2 : Please sirs! Don’t make this harder than it already is. I don’t wanna have to charge you with obstructing the law and helping a criminal resist arrest.
Femi: call my mom a criminal one more time and see how i charge you with my fists.
One look at Femi’s face and everyone in the room knew he wasn’t making empty threats . Chioma held both her husband and son by the shoulder, sholving them out of the way, she moved towards the cops.
Chioma: Dont worry my love, i will be back home soon.
One of the policemen brought out a handcuff hoping to bind her hands.
Chioma: If you move any closer to me with that stupid thing, i will have you and your entire family rot in jail.
The policeman thought about this for a second and then kept the handcuff back where he took it out from.
Olatunji couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Could his wife be connected to all what has been happening?  Could it be her responsible for the hit on his Son. He shook his head, hoping to get the thought off his mind. Chioma left with the cops. All Olatunji and Femi could do was to watch as their Wife and Mom was being led out of the house like  a criminal….
I sat on the couch playing a rather addictive game on my phone. I’ve used 50% of the battery already. Wale came into the house, he looked like someone who has just been robbed of his rights, i looked up at him with a questioning look.
Me: Everything cool bro?
Wale: No!
Me:What is it?
Wale : I just got my UTME  results.
Me: …..and……???
Wale:.I got 227 marks
Me: Wow….. Brother, that’s something o!
Wale: No It’s not! My course’s cut-off mark is 230.
Me: Well….. i believe 3 marks can be overlooked.
Wale: I hope so.
Me: But you gotta cheer up too brother, you passed and that’s something to be happy about…..  227 is excellent for you, we all kuku know you no sabi book before.
Wale: hahaha…. you better shut up there.
We both laughed and i was glad i made him cheer up a little. We were interrupted by a knock and Femi came in looking much worse than Wale did  when he came in.
Me: Please….. don’t tell me you’re sad about your jamb result too.
Femi: (sighs ) Me? Sad bout UTME results? Please that’s not for me. I checked it already and i got 265 marks.
Me: Mehnn…. Congratulations brother!
Femi: Thanks…. (looks at Wale ) emmm…. what was your score….180?…. 190??
Wale: (hissed) No idiot! I got 100
Femi: Wow… really? I’m sure they gave you 99 bonus marks
Wale: haaa…. you’re wrong! I copied from the system of the person sitted next to me.
Femi:. Awwww …. why did the person allow you?
Wale: (folded his palm into a fist and raised it up) Come closer let me tell you.
This time, i  was almost on the floor, laughing at my two brothers. I still don’t understand how they can ever get along but this is fun for me and i can watch them piss eachother off all day.
For a moment, my mind drifted and i found myself thinking about Bidemi again. She wrote the UTME exam too and I’m sure she’d gotten the result by now, i was tempted to pick up the phone and call but i stopped myself.
Femi’s phone Started ringing, one look at the caller and he decided he couldn’t pick the call right there.
Femi: Emmm… brothers….
Wale: I’m not your brother dummy!
Femi: Actually in was talking to Dolapo and that Rat over there…
He pointed towards a Rat running around our corridor
Femi: I would gladly have that rat as a brother than you.
Wale: Hahahaha…. (Faces me..) Now It’s been confirmed!  I told you the guy is from animal kingdom.
I laughed….
Me: You guys should stop already! This little war gets us nowhere
Femi: It will….. it will get us to the point where he realises I’m not his mate!
Wale: Or it gets us to the part where i rearrange your face for good.
Mom stepped out of her room, she’s been listening all the while….
Mrs. Martins: Will you both just shut up!
Me: Ehn ehn… I’ve been telling……
Mrs. Martins: (cuts in ) Hold it there! I wasn’t talking to you!
Femi: Hahaha…. She just gave you….
Mrs. Martins: Shut up Femi.
Then came the silence, she looked at each of us, one after the other, shook her head and she began to speak.
Mrs. Martin: All you three are brothers!  So the sooner you accept that fact, the better it is for you and for everyone. That’s for you, Wale and Femi! You are Men so start acting like it.
She said that and went back inside. Now that’s my mom for you. It  looks like she was trained the act of raising young men.
Femi: I’m sorry i picked on you Wale, Forgive me.
Wale: No! I’m sorry i called you an animal.
An idea came into my mind and i voiced it out.
Me: Why don’t you guys shake hands…
Femi: No need! I don’t wanna contact any infection….
And then they started again, they couldn’t even get along for just a minute. Me…. i was just lying there on the floor, laughing my guts out as they threw verbal explosives at one another.

To Be Continued…

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