Must Read: To Love And To Leave… Part 37

Written by Austin Blinks… If you missed part Thirty Six, read it HERE!!!

10 minutes after leaving the police headquarter, Chioma sat at the back of a police escort , in there with her was a driver and another policeman in front. She kept smiling all the way, knowing the law can’t get her now. She brought out her phone, she decided she needed another person who would finish this bastard Dolapo once and for all, just that this time, even Mary Martins has to be killed too. Then she remembered Wale…. and she thought about how lonely the boy would be if his mom and brother are dead, she shook her head and decided instead of leaving the poor guy on earth and allow him suffer, It’s better to have him killed too. The only thing left to do is to wipe out the whole family, that thought pleases her so well .
She began to dial a number but was swiftly interrupted by the screeching of the car’s tire and the break was.swiftly applied . It sent her hitting her head on the seat in front, she managed to look up and she saw about six men standing in front of their vehicle, the road as been blocked by all manner of refuse materials. … she recognized Capo, the big mountain man. But what caught her attention was the gun Capo and the other five men were holding, pointing towards the car,  she screamed at the Policemen…
Chioma: Do something! You good for nothing idiots.
The policemen tried to reach their guns but it was too late, the first shot rang through, sending splinters of glass flying everywhere. They chose to go down under the dashboard instead. For Chioma, she had nowhere to hide, she heard all manner of gunshots non-stop, it felt like a war zone. She saw her blood splatters, she felt pains in a million different places. The gunshots went on forever and when it finally stopped she heard as motorcycles sped away in distance. She couldn’t move so she looked towards the sky and drew her final breathe.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Dec 27, 2016 — 2:40 am

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